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Business Drivers for Choosing a Cloud Contact Center for Your Organization

With social distancing measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations continue to seek proven communication solutions for their remote workforces.

Telecommuting was already a growing trend when the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic forced Americans to work from home. In response, thousands of organizations quickly adopted digital solutions that make remote work possible.

With so many hiccups in this rapid transition, how can your organization continue to provide excellent customer service through its contact center?

The solution is a multifaceted cloud-based contact center that allows remote agents to perform their duties with little to no disruption. While your old contact center hardware serves you well in the office, a cloud-based communications platform supports some of your biggest business drivers while everyone works from home.

These business drivers should be at the forefront of your mind as you explore your options for a cloud contact center.

Agility in an Unpredictable World

Who would have thought that approximately half of the American workforce would be working from home due to a pandemic? And many will continue to do so. This transition proves that a significant portion of the American workforce can work from home but only with the right digital infrastructure.

When customers depend on your organization, you need a digital infrastructure that offers the flexibility to work from anywhere. A cloud-based contact center allows agents to transition seamlessly from the office to remote work with no downtime.

For the sake of business continuity, it’s best to have your cloud contact center in place before disaster hits. If you haven’t taken that step yet, there are great platforms that can be up and running in a matter of days and give your organization the agility to survive challenging times.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are one of your biggest business drivers. So how does a cloud-based contact center support them?

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than when they have a question or complaint and can’t reach an agent. All it takes is one bad experience to lose a customer’s loyalty. You can maintain excellent customer relationships with a cloud contact center that keeps communication open even during a widespread disaster.

A cloud contact center makes your agents available to customers no matter what. The cloud supports every type of communication through which your customers want to reach you. Choose from VOIP, email, instant messaging, and more to receive and answer questions from customers.

During unprecedented times, your customers are looking for stability. You can provide that stability by being there for them with your cloud contact center.


An organization only performs as well as its employees. Customer service agents need to reply to as many customers as possible during a shift and resolve their concerns. Cloud-based tools can help them do this.

For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can handle basic customer questions so that agents can focus on more complicated customer issues. Applications that sort queries by subject can send customers to the agent best suited to help them. Intelligent dashboards can record and report on agent activities. And omnichannel communication platforms allow agents to switch deftly between communication methods to respond to more customers in less time.

All of these capabilities are easy to add to a cloud contact center when you need to optimize a remote workforce.


In this uncertain economy, you need ways both to make and save money with your cloud contact center.

If you have efficient communication applications that optimize your remote workforce, your organization can keep more paying customers happy and earn their business again. Contact center platforms offer reports that can help you see your agents’ success and make improvements to quality as necessary.

Of course, the software you need for a remote contact center comes with a cost. But most are paid for as a subscription and can be canceled anytime you need to scale down operations. This payment model makes a cloud contact center cheaper than a one-time purchase of a solution that you may not need in the future.


You’ve seen the reports about major data breaches. No matter the size of your organization, you must protect sensitive data and customer information.

While virus protection software installed on your office hardware protects this data from malware and hackers, what protects that information when it is accessed from home computers?

Your cloud contact center should include advanced security options to protect data while your agents work on unsecured home devices. With data stored on the cloud, it’s easy to set up user authentication and security monitoring to allow authorized agents to access data while keeping everyone else out.

Disruptions like the pandemic are the perfect time for hackers to mine digital data from organizations like yours. They know everyone is distracted, and personal devices do not have the same security as work devices. To protect your network and data from malicious activity, engage an MSP with cloud security services. It will manage your digital security remotely and let you focus on supporting your business drivers during difficult times.

Remote Workforce Business Continuity

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