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You made the move to Office 365 — now what?

It’s time to make the transformation to what Microsoft has dubbed the “modern workplace,” a new way of working that will empower everyone to achieve more. This means you’ll need to switch your mindset from classic to modern, focusing on self-service functionality, decentralization, and a flat infrastructure, among other things.

As you make this transition, one of the first programs you should think about updating is SharePoint. This modern version of SharePoint has been around for a few years, but companies have been slow to make the switch. It is more focused on managing content rather than trying to also handle workflows, forms, and search functions.

Another way to take advantage of the new Microsoft 365 features is to make your workspace flat. Subsites are a thing of the past, and site collections are the way of the future. Subsites will never have their own Microsoft Teams chat room or their own Planner to organize tasks. By creating site collections instead, you can take advantage of all the features Office 365 has to offer.

You should also utilize more of the less talked about features of Microsoft 365, like the “Tell me what you want to do” field, in which you can enter words or phrases about what you want and quickly access features you want to use or actions you want to perform.

Microsoft 365 also has great collaboration tools, including:

  • Co-authoring in documents, which allows you to edit documents with colleagues from anywhere in the world
  • Creating groups, which allows you to maintain communication with specific departments and colleagues in your business through a shared calendar, file exchanges, and the chat function
  • Sharing files within SharePoint, which saves valuable space in your inbox and prevents you from having to attach a file to an email

Speaking of saving inbox space, use the scheduling assistant to arrange meetings rather than emailing back and forth to find a time that works for everyone. And if you need to get ahold of a specific person’s attention, you can use the @ mentions in Outlook to notify them that they’ve been called into the conversation and should pay attention or respond.

Finally, if you need to sign agreements or contracts, Microsoft 365 offers Docusign, a program that is secure and legally compliant, which allows you to sign, send, and manage documents anywhere on any device.

By implementing these changes and taking advantage of the mentioned features, you can get even more out of your Microsoft 365 experience. And you can give your employees access to those applications 24/7 by using ATSG’s Desktop as a Service. This offering provides you with:

  • Increased user mobility and flexibility, enabling them to work from anywhere with any device
  • The ability to deliver and manage consistent desktop images and capabilities easily across branch offices and remote locations
  • Transformation of IT’s ability to patch, manage, support, and secure desktops with centralized management and tremendous time savings
  • Reduced security vulnerabilities associated with lost or stolen devices and better control of business data
  • The ability to use the same desktops for multiple groups of users, such as shift, seasonal, and temporary workers
  • Simplified disaster recovery strategies with desktops in a secure cloud
  • Streamlined mergers and acquisitions with rapid deployment of consistent desktops for all employees

Take advantage of this mobile, flexible solution by reaching out to ATSG today!

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