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Why Your Organization Should Migrate to the MS Azure Cloud ?

A rapidly increasing number of organizations are migrating to the cloud for remote and hybrid workspaces. Businesses have many different options when it comes to shifting their workspace and storing data in the cloud.

Although there are many cloud solutions available, some solutions provide better security and flexibility options than their competitors. Microsoft Azure provides businesses with a powerful and highly scalable solution for their cloud computing needs.

In this article, you’ll learn about the many benefits Azure has to offer businesses that can increase your remote productivity while also providing a cost-effective and secure cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Offers Great Flexibility

Microsoft Azure provides organizations with a highly flexible alternative to on-premise servers. When businesses utilize this strategy, they face various problems regarding scalability and affordability. They require IT support, as well as a room with climate control which can become expensive. Additionally, on-premise servers are a heavy investment because they require costly updates. ATSG Senior Account Executive, Greg Carline, noted the distinct benefits of implementing a cloud server, like Azure. Azure offers powerful storage at a much more affordable price than using in-house servers:

“[Traditionally,] organizations would buy physical servers. They’d have multiple servers, backup tape drives, domain controllers, [and] file servers, and they would store them usually in a closet in the office. That’s a pretty large capital expenditure knowing that you had to refresh that every five to seven years. With Azure, you don’t need to worry about heavy upgrade costs and maintenance.”

Azure provides organizations with highly flexible options so that you don’t need to overpay. Your organization only pays for the cloud resources it needs, and you can easily scale up your infrastructure later. You’re not locked into the resources you’re currently using.

Another key element of Azure that provides organizations with exceptional flexibility is that it’s subscription-based, allowing the organization to save on making large purchases for anticipated growth.

MS Azure is Highly Scalable

With Microsoft Azure, the application is so flexible and scalable that your organization can alter its plan over time to reflect growth, without restructuring its infrastructure.

Azure’s flexibility and scalability also enable businesses to retain existing on-premise solutions in addition to migrating to the cloud. Numerous organizations have already invested in IT, so they use a hybrid solution that includes Azure along with their in-house solution. They shift some of their work to the cloud while retaining parts of their existing infrastructure.

The global capabilities of Microsoft Azure add to its value as a scalable solution. Most Azure cloud platforms have a global reach, meaning that organizations can run workloads in closer proximity to their employees and customers regardless of where they live. You can seamlessly run workloads in the most optimal geographic locations to better serve customers and increase employee productivity.

Azure Security and Backups

Microsoft Azure offers built-in security features as well as specialized cloud security tools to protect your organization. Azure also includes automatic security patches to address any potential vulnerabilities and problem areas.

Azure provides powerful backup and recovery options. Their data centers keep information secure from both hackers and natural disasters. Microsoft also offers flexible backup schedules so that your business can set up automatic backups that suit your schedule. You can back up your data as much as you need. The application’s disaster recovery protocols and business continuity plan provide businesses with regional and global backup options. Business continuity is built into Azure, and it also provides seamless one-click backup and recovery options.

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