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Best-in-Class Data Security from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform

This past year has highlighted the critical importance of having a secure, unified platform for workplace collaboration. While the global workforce is still working remotely, the world’s most successful companies continue business uninterrupted.

How? For many of these global leaders, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has been the key to their triumph. In 2020, Azure holds more security compliance certifications than any other cloud provider in the world, with more than 3,500 security experts working on their support team.

Companies choose Azure because it runs smoothly and provides world-class security. When your company’s security management system lives in the Azure cloud environment, location is irrelevant, security is streamlined, and uptime is maximized.

The Basics: Meet the Microsoft Azure Security Center

Azure Security is the general term for Microsoft’s Azure cloud security platform, which has two main components: Azure Security tools and the Azure Security Center.

Azure Security tools represent a vast mix of options for physical setup, infrastructural design, and operational controls.

The Azure Security Center is the central management point for control and visibility into your cloud-based system. Using the security center, your security team has clear insight into what’s happening across your organization and how well your staff is following established security protocols.

Implementing and Running Azure Security

Launching Azure Security starts with a secure deployment. Your existing devices, storage, and networking are migrated to the cloud using a secure transition plan that keeps your data secure during this time.

Ideally, you’ll work with a managed service provider that has experience with transitioning complex IT environments to a cloud-based solution in a fast, seamless way. A smooth migration ensures you don’t lose productivity, even as your company takes the leap into the cloud.

Once the migration is complete, it is back to business as usual. Your employees continue to use the same equipment and systems as always, and may not notice the difference. Their devices stay the same and they maintain the same functionality in their daily work.

Post-migration, your company will see immediate benefits from running Azure Security.

  • Strengthened security without hands-on patching and updating
  • Detection of cybersecurity threats and instant mitigation
  • Deep, enterprise-wide visibility and control
  • Reassurance that everyone is following the same protocols
  • Integration with legacy systems and non-Azure environments
  • Easier regulatory compliance
  • With full visibility, your security team can use a collaborative dashboard to view alerts, review recommendations, make any necessary adjustments, and refine standards to maintain security and fit business needs.

Azure Security Resolves Common Challenges

Azure has become one of the world’s most popular platforms because it addresses common security challenges companies face. Here are some highlights.

Azure allows companies to:

  • Protect data at all times
  • Enforce security policies without suppressing productivity
  • Free up your security team, preventing wasted time resolving small issues
  • Close the gap on your most persistent security vulnerabilities

When you use Azure tools and the Azure Security Center, your company can use features like the Key Vault to safeguard passwords, set cryptographic standards, and maintain database credentials. Other tools allow you to set multi-factor authentication, establish admin and user accounts, track the location of your data, connect networked devices, assign roles, and much more.

And when you move to Azure with the help of ATSG, the process is rapid and keeps disruption to your daily business to an absolute minimum.

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