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Why Your Company Needs Privileged Access Management

According to Gartner, the worldwide information security market is projected to reach $170.4 billion by 2022. With the rise in the number of remote workers and with 95% of cybersecurity breaches being caused by human error, organizations are evolving their defenses and strategies.  A good way to add additional defenses against human error is to implement a Privileged Access Management (PAM) initiative.

What is Privileged Access Management?

PAM refers to a cybersecurity strategy inclusive of processes, technology, and people that secure and monitor human and machine-privileged activities and identities. Simply put, PAM is the process of determining who has access to what types of information. More complexly, PAM incorporates methodologies for how to enable logging and auditing for privileged identities for the quickest cyberattack response, use identities securely, and define what is privilege and what is not.

What Does PAM Do?

PAM enables you to gain new insights regarding privileged behavior, which includes detecting and responding to abnormal activity. It allows you to monitor privileged threats and track privileged credential threat metrics, develop use cases that analyze PAM log data for threats and integrate those with SIEM solutions for more insights, and meet strict regulations and fully prepare for a potential audit. You can also use PAM in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up privileged attack detection and automate response.

Along with other insights, a PAM initiative will help you understand where you have reduced risk and secured privileged accounts. Those insights lead to recommended actions, which can help properly address government mandates.

Why is PAM Important?

When working in distributed or hybrid cloud environments, managing and watching the activities of privileged users is a complex endeavor because this can encompass thousands of servers, hundreds of databases, thousands of network devices, and hundreds of applications. The sheer size of this environment means it will hold many privileged accounts, and these accounts will likely be shared by multiple users. Additionally, remote work means personal devices and home Wi-Fi networks also need to be accounted for. An all-in-one PAM initiative will account for all these types of access, including employees, partners, suppliers, and connected accounts.

A great feature of PAM is that it can grow with you. You can advance PAM governance, session recording, privileged threat analysis, and event response into your PAM solution as it goes along. You can also integrate special access use cases. The flexibility of PAM allows you to keep it aligned to your business as your privileged access management needs evolve over time.

Rely on an Expert

As your teams continue to work from home, you need to ensure they are working in a secure remote work environment. A good option is to outsource PAM to managed security services providers because they can create a detailed design and deployment plan, a flexible long-term strategy, and ongoing management and improvements to reduce risk.

ATSG’s Managed Security Infrastructure provides such features. This service includes:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Managed IDS/IPS and Firewalls
  • E-mail Security
  • Multi-factor Authentication Single Sign

It can be challenging to protect your data from privileged credential abuse, especially while dealing with compliance rules and the risk of data breaches. From strategy, deployment, and steady-state management, to automation, analytics, and optimization, it helps to have PAM experts to guide you.

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