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Why Managed Cloud Calling is the Future of Call Centers

Your company has survived many challenges recently. As you continue to extend your call systems to remote teams, do you have the tools required to provide seamless experiences?

With managed cloud calling, your business can scale, make seamless transitions to remote work, and maintain maximum uptime in a world that demands it. Here’s why you should make the move to a managed cloud calling.

The Future has 100% Uptime

Customers now demand that companies are consistently responsive. This means your call center needs 100% uptime, and issues must be resolved quickly. As a result, your contact center employees will need access and support around the clock to keep customer experiences seamless.

Have you reviewed your call center troubleshooting logs lately? What kinds of problems are your agents experiencing? Are you resolving these issues quickly, or are they persisting?

For maximum uptime, the call center of the future needs:

  • 24/7 comprehensive support
  • End-user support, including full support for remote teams
  • Fully digital workplace resources and tools
  • Applications management
  • Collaborative governance

Scale as Your Company Grows

The scalability of your call center plays a major role in how fast your company can grow. If you had a massive influx of new customers tomorrow, could your current call center handle it?

A cloud-based solution can support the weight and scale of your team, even if it’s growing at a lightning-fast pace. When the need to extend services to remote teams happens quickly – as it did for so many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic – a cloud-based call center allows you to add as many agents as you need at a moment’s notice. These solutions also allow you to onboard and train new users remotely, shortening the time to adoption.

Updates and maintenance on these systems are also easier than on-premise solutions, as the system is not tied to a physical location and can be performed remotely. A managed cloud call center supports the growing needs of your business.

Transition to Working Remote, Securely

The contact center of the future is a fully secure environment where all agents can collaborate remotely and securely. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis highlighted how far many companies still are from completing this strategy.

At the height of the pandemic, many companies neglected to take a step back and make sure their processes and systems followed the best practices in security for remote work. Now’s a good time to reevaluate your approach and ask questions like:

  • Are your agents accessing sensitive information on insecure connections?
  • Are they sharing devices?
  • Are they sharing passwords and login credentials?
  • Have they been using workarounds that don’t meet security standards?
  • Do they use personal phones for work calls?

Consider how much your company could benefit from managed cloud calling and contact solutions from ATSG. Our services include:

Infrastructure and Cloud Assessment

Together with your in-house staff, we can analyze your current infrastructure and capabilities to find gaps that need to be filled. We’ll help you determine whether a full or hybrid migration is ideal and how it should happen.

Voice Architecture Assessment

We’ll do a full review of your voice architecture and pinpoint how well it’s meeting your needs, including capacity issues and quality concerns.

Communications Strategy Development

We’ll help your contact center operate efficiently and assist with getting your call center agents up to speed quickly. Cloud calling is all about swift, productive communication.

Manage Cloud Contact Solutions With ATSG

Today’s choices for mobility, cloud, infrastructure, communications, applications, and operations are mission-critical for small, mid-sized, and large enterprises.

ATSG, Inc., is leading the transformation into technology solutions as a service with our tech-enabled managed services portfolio and a commitment to technology innovation, operational excellence, and client intimacy.

Recognized by industry leaders and industry-leading publications, ATSG has 25 years of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences that directly result in competitive advantage, cost-savings, growth, and improved operational efficiencies.

Visit, email [email protected], call (914) 517-2919, or visit one of our five tri-state locations today for more information.

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