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The Cost Savings of Moving a Contact Center to the Cloud

As new advancements in technology enable businesses to move to the cloud, contact centers should consider the benefits of adopting cloud contact center solutions. There are many different benefits to moving to the cloud, including convenience, employee satisfaction, and flexibility, but one of the most notable benefits of operating your contact center through the cloud is its cost savings.

When you move your contact center to the cloud, you can save on operational costs, and you can equip your employees with powerful remote communication tools to improve your ability to serve your customers.

In this article, you will learn about the different ways your contact center can save money and earn more revenue by making the switch to a cloud contact center solution.

Save On Operational Costs

When you switch to a cloud-supported contact center, you can save money on your business’ operational costs. If your employees operate entirely within the cloud, that means you don’t need to cover the expenses of operating from a physical location. Think about all of the money that goes into owning or renting a building, utilities, upkeep, and other expenses that come with operating from a centralized location.

Contact center employees can also save both money and time by working via the cloud. They can save time by avoiding a commute, and they can save money on gas. With an increase in employee satisfaction, they’ll be better equipped to serve their callers’ needs.

Some contact center owners and managers express concerns that the savings on operational costs don’t outweigh the inconvenience and difficulty of communicating and managing employees remotely, but when contact centers adopt a powerful cloud-based communication solution—such as Cisco Webex Calling or UCM Cloud Calling—they can manage employees effectively and save money in the process.

Additionally, effective cloud solutions can help managers improve their contact centers’ success in order to further reduce operational costs. Switching to a cloud-based solution gives contact centers a great return on investment because you don’t need to repeatedly implement new hardware.

Cloud-based solutions empower contact centers with up-to-date software, and they no longer need to worry about investing in expensive hardware that can quickly become out of date. Upgrading the hardware of traditional business solutions can be incredibly pricey, but switching to a cloud-based solution can save you the time and money it would take to upgrade hardware.

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Switching to the Cloud

When your contact center switches to the cloud, you also gain access to different channels of communication, which can ultimately save your company money. Communication channels that would often be pricey upgrades for on-premise contact centers are often included in cloud-based contact center solutions. Some of these different communication channels include call, text, email, social media, chat and video conferencing, and more.

With the many different communication channels available, you can improve your customers’ experiences. Not everyone wants to communicate by phone, and cloud solutions enable customers to communicate with your contact center employees via their preferred medium of remote communication.

Carlos Lopez, Solution Architect at ATSG, observed that contact centers with more communication channels empower customers to communicate the way they want:

“It’s about letting the customer reach the company in any way, in any form of communication that the customer wishes to use. If they want to use voice, use voice. If they want to use chat, if they want to use email, if they want to use SMS, and this could depend on what the customer is trying to accomplish.”

You can also easily add and scale new channels of communication so that you can expand your reach and communicate with more customers. You’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction by offering more available channels of communication.

Cloud-based contact center solutions also offer powerful artificial intelligence tools that can further assist your clients while also improving your business’ performance.

ATSG’s Regional Vice President of Sales, Jack D’Ambrosi, noted that the AI technology available in cloud-based contact center solutions improves customers’ experiences and promotes efficiency:

“These [AI] technologies are in play to interact with the client’s customer relationship management environment to make that [process as] seamless as possible and as efficient as possible.”

AI technology can both serve basic customer needs and redirect customers to the correct channel of communication so that your contact center employees can address their needs quickly and effectively..

Work With ATSG to Find Best Cost-Saving Cloud Solution

Once you’re ready to make the switch to a cloud contact center solution, you can find the best software solution for your business with ATSG. ATSG offers next-generation managed cloud calling and voice solutions that are scalable and can improve your call center’s cost.

Some of the solutions that ATSG offers include Cisco Webex Calling and UCM Cloud Calling. Cloud contact center solutions are easily deployable, so you can get your remote contact center employees up and running in no time at all.

You also receive valuable support when you sign up for a software solution through ATSG. We work with businesses to find the best solutions and features to accommodate their call centers’ needs and improve their workflow and collaboration abilities.

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