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Optimizing the Microsoft Platform for the Biggest Business Impact

Is your organization getting the most out of its Microsoft services? Companies often choose Microsoft products or even tackle a full migration to the cloud while skipping the crucial step of optimizing it for their specific needs.

Maximize the impact of Microsoft products with these three tips.

Optimizing your Microsoft services means tailoring them for the best possible productivity, profitability, and adaptability. By refining the way your teams use the Microsoft platforms implemented, you supercharge its capacity for maximum performance.

Optimization Tip #1: Improve Network Performance

If your company experiences downtime due to network issues, now’s the time to address it head-on.

For example, as a division of Microsoft’s internal IT team, Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) was one of the earliest adopters of Microsoft 365. The team deployed Microsoft 365 very early on to determine what kind of impact it would have on a company’s network capacity and performance.

Their test rollout, which became a successful full-scale rollout, found the following benefits.

  • Successful mailbox migration without interruption
  • Migration of enormous legacy platforms like SharePoint and Exchange without bottlenecks or data loss
  • Added redundancy for always-up internet availability and alternate routing in case of disaster
  • Data loss prevention by maintaining the shortest possible path between the user and the cloud
  • High level of employee productivity during and after migrations
  • Predictive scalability to address company needs in the coming 18 months

Optimization Tip #2: Forge Strong Interdepartmental Connections

Does your company face challenges when it comes to collaborative communication? What about project management and product development?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations allows teams in various company roles to work together. This brings enormous benefits when it comes to budgeting and allocating resources for the company’s best benefit.

  • Lower incremental costs
  • Higher sales
  • Customized customer experiences
  • More efficient resource utilization
  • Simplified procurement processes
  • Shortened billing time
  • Fewer errors
  • An accelerated total product/project lifecycle

Optimization Tip # 3: Implement Governance and Records Management

To assist organizations in complying with data privacy regulations and best practices, Microsoft 365 enhances the ability to plan and implement capabilities, including secure access, threat protection, information protection, and data governance.

With governance, organizations can control retention policies, import services, how third-party data is archived, and how to handle inactive mailboxes. Records management is a single solution for email and documents that build retention schedules and requirements into a file plan.

These tools help organizations manage their risk by discovering, classifying, labeling, and governing their data. It also reduces their attack surface by providing retention and deletion capabilities across their Microsoft 365 and third-party data.

Watch ATSG’s latest virtual event around Teams Governance to learn more!

Optimization Tip #4: Rethink Your Physical Space

This is also an opportunity to take a fresh look at your company’s need for physical office space. Microsoft Digital and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, along with cloud connectivity, are part of a new era of location-free hybrid/remote work.

Could some or all of your employees transition to remote work and for increased employee satisfaction? How would this impact upcoming lease renewals and real estate planning? What about cost savings on things like utilities, food waste, facility cleaning, and restroom maintenance?

This type of adaptive thinking could allow your company to transform its approach to space planning. With thousands or even millions of dollars in physical space savings, your organization could explore innovative new approaches to scaling up and thriving for decades to come.

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