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Fast-paced technology, a dynamic marketplace, constant connectivity and digital accelerators; these are the things that have really fueled a work culture that never seems to stop. The idea of “clocking out”, or leaving tasks un-finished, has become less prevalent, as there is always more to be done.

It has got us thinking though. Is this non-stop work cycle really benefiting employee well-being and productivity? This is indeed a valid question to ponder upon. We firmly believe that technology, despite being blamed for our “always-on” culture, can actually be the solution we are looking for, especially in terms of delivering a robust and consistent Digital Employee Experience (DEX).


In this blog, we are going to dig deep into the significance of DEX, and its key components. We will also discuss how companies like ATSG can help businesses create an environment where employees can thrive, and do their best work, without feeling chained to their desks 24/7.

Understanding the Key Components of DEX

Considering today’s fierce market competition, it is not easy becoming an “ideal company” that attracts talented pool of employees. This requires understanding the key components of the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). So, let’s break it down and see what it takes to achieve an exceptional DEX.

1. It all starts with having meaningful conversations with employees. The management should sit with team members, and actually listen to their preferences for tools, operating systems (OS) and devices. This way, they can un-cover the technologies that will truly empower the employees to excel in their work.

2. The next step should be tackling the challenge of overcoming resistance. It is natural for employees to be skeptical or hesitant about embracing new technologies and processes. That is why involving them in the change process is so important, especially for a sense of ownership.

3. At this juncture, clearly communicating is also vital. Businesses should inform employees about the benefits of proposed improvements, and how they align with individual needs as well as personal development goals. Collaboration and open dialogue are the keys here.

4. Businesses must also create a sense of ownership by listening to, adapting and involving everyone throughout the process. They must ensure that their DEX initiatives have a positive impact on the mental health of their workforce.

5. Lastly, businesses must remember that improving DEX is not a quick fix. On the contrary, it is a continuous journey that demands time, efforts and consistency.

The Role of ATSG in Optimizing DEX

Every business wants an optimized DEX, but few struggle with what exactly is required of them to develop digital tools and capabilities for it. For this, they have two options on the table. One is to either build these solutions in-house, or choose the second and more cost-effective option, by just partnering up with experts like ATSG that specialize in this domain.

This is really important because anyone who has gone through the seemingly overwhelming process of operational change, knows how it takes a toll on productivity and overall well-being. Employees are usually going through enough challenges, and adding a stressful digital experience will only make things worse.

In this regard, the digital workplace solutions offered by ATSG can be of great help. ATSG’s digital workplace offerings are designed to deliver un-matched DEX in the following ways.

Personalization and Customization

ATSG’s DEX solutions offer highly customized employee lifecycle management. This way, businesses get the agility and flexibility they need to reach great heights.

Improved Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

ATSG also enables seamless employee collaboration, whether the workforce is in-office, fully remote, or operating in a hybrid model. This enhances employee satisfaction and engagement levels, which also positively impacts employee retention levels.

Optimized Collaboration and Communication

With ATSG’s DEX solutions, businesses also get round-the-clock and location-independent access to essential tools. This fosters seamless productivity, and timely achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions

Moreover, with ATSG’s DaaS Solutions, remote employees can have seamless access to digital workspaces on any device, from anywhere, and at any time. The flexibility they get with DaaS really elevates the overall DEX, and helps them attain a “work life balance”.

Integrated Analytics and Productivity Tools

ATSG’s DEX solutions seamlessly integrate advanced employee analytics and productivity tools. Our expertise in implementing and integrating DEX spans on-premise, Cloud-based and hybrid environments. This helps businesses easily add-up additional DEX tools as needed, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.


Amidst the “noise” of emerging technologies, it is crucial for businesses to pause and reflect on why does all of this truly matter?

The answer lies in the fact that at the heart of it all, your workforce stands as an “invaluable pillar” of your business. Safeguarding their day-to-day operations and wellbeing can really help you pave the way for sustainable transformations, which can yield long-term benefits for the entire business. And for this, delivering a robust Digital Employee Experience (DEX) becomes a necessity.

Feel free to contact ATSG for robust managed IT services and intelligent technology solutions for your enterprise. ATSG’s DEX solutions play a huge role in delivering nothing but the best employee experiences, and making your digital transformation journey much easier.

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