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Is Your Company Owning the Modern Digital Workplace at the Board Level

The retail industry is challenged by a new digitally informed consumer, who has the resources and information readily available to make purchasing decisions at their fingertips regularly. Consumer choice combined with growing expectations and purchasing power in the marketplace are influencing the future direction of the business.

Retailers must now consider:

  • Innovating ways to reach today’s consumer, as the traditional methods, distribution channels and touchpoints are no longer enough
  • The need for fast, efficient and secure communication methods
  • Educating staff in the value of the consumer experience and collaboration
  • Staying ahead of customer requests
  • Having a mix of technology, products and services that are available 24x7xAlways
  • Adapting readily to changes in the market

As the retail industry continues to see disruption from the growing ecommerce market, understanding how to navigate market change and satisfy consumers on the go is critical.

What are the Nuances of Digital Retailing?

Today’s consumers appreciate the new process of shopping, where “personal” takes on a whole new meaning. Consumers want to research products, consider options and make a purchase on their own, rather than working with a salesperson face-to-face. As a result of this self-service preference, many retailers are embracing a modern digital workforce to execute what’s known as digital retailing – an entire process of buying and selling that allows consumers to maneuver easily and engage with a website or online presence throughout the different stages of purchase.

Consumers also enjoy the experience of digital retailing because they are in complete control of the shopping process and their decision making. A rich digital retailing experience is made with the consumer in mind, guiding them through the process intelligently based on their preferences.

Digital retailers need custom solutions based on their type of business and financial goals. Through digital retailing, some retail enterprises attract consumers digitally, then continue to assist customers with the actual sale – an auto dealer will conduct test drives and hand over keys person, or a shopper can complete a transaction online and have the product delivered to their door. Since consumers seem to prefer conducting product research online, a retailer’s online experience should make it easy for them to not only find what they want, but want what they find, with in-depth product information, usage tips, and customer reviews. In addition, retailers also need to equip their workforce with all the accouterments of a modern digital workplace to keep pace with all those on-the-go shoppers and their expectations.

How Does Digital Workplace as a Service Benefit Retailers?

Enterprises in the retail sector are early adopters of ATSG’s Digital Workplace as a Service most importantly because it gives them a competitive advantage. The new and innovative, fully managed, subscription-based service gives retailers the cloud-enabled, always-connected, completely bundled services they need to enable the most productive digital workforce possible. Digital Workplace as a Service mobilizes retailers, improving the flow of communication, collaboration, and information across an entire enterprise – so they in turn can engage shoppers with a personalized shopping experience anytime, anywhere, on any device.

ATSG – Transforming the customer experience through tech-enabled managed services

Today’s choices for mobility, cloud, infrastructure, communications, applications and operations are mission-critical for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. ATSG is leading the transformation into Technology Solutions as a Service with our tech-enabled managed services portfolio and a commitment to digital innovation, delivery excellence and client intimacy. Recognized by industry leaders and industry-leading publications, ATSG has 25 years of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences that directly result in competitive advantage, cost-saving efficiencies, growth and tangible business results. Visit, call 1.914.517.2919 or visit one of our five NY Tri-State locations today for more information.

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