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Will Your Modern Digital Workplace Evolve in the New Decade?

The workplace environment has changed dramatically, with technology evolving at breakneck speed for better efficiency. It makes one wonder what the modern digital workplace will look like in the new decade starting in 2020.

Whatever the world of technology has in store next, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to adapt. Employers need the agility to embrace new technologies as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the competition. The trick is to have some idea of what’s to come by looking at current trends and hot research areas.

Not sure what the future holds for your modern digital workplace? Here are five innovations likely to become commonplace in the digital workplace environment that you should consider.

Are You Ready to Unify Mobile Applications?

Like most businesses, your company probably uses mobile applications that allow employees to work remotely. However, your applications are likely created individually and plugged into existing digital infrastructure. Currently, this is the easiest way to satisfy demand as mobile apps became necessary to modern business, although a few disadvantages to this set-up do exist.

Siloed applications create security risks and an inconsistent end user experience. Hastily adopted applications may support some tasks and not others. Or they might function differently on different devices and cause confusion.

The future of mobile applications in the modern digital workplace is aggregation. Using one platform for mobile applications simplifies the end user experience and reduces security risks.

Now that companies are comfortable using mobile applications, it’s time to unify them for greater convenience.

Are AI Systems on Your Radar?

Artificial intelligence is a common tool in consumer spaces where bots guide customers through the online buying process. Right now, the corporate world is less enthusiastic in embracing AI, which is unfortunate because AI combined with big data can offer a variety of tools to simplify employees’ jobs.

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the benefits of using AI in the workplace to free up employees for higher-level tasks. AI bots are already pre-screening job candidates, assisting in employee training and identifying inefficient work processes.

As more businesses adopt AI systems, employees will be able to refer to them as digital colleagues. AI is set to expand in the coming years, so it’s worth looking into how to implement these tools at your workplace.

Will You Find the Right Mix of Hybrid Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is always a challenge for workplace IT, where decision-makers are looking for a balance of on- and off-premises solutions to suit an entire organization’s needs. Still, this kind of hybrid IT is very common in today’s modern digital workplace.

An increasing number of enterprises are going one step further by moving data and applications to the cloud, where employees enjoy easier access through mobile devices as well as other benefits.

The cloud isn’t without its disadvantages, though. For instance, if you have data confidentiality rules that prohibit storing certain information on the cloud, you will still need on-premises infrastructure.

Trend forecasters predict enterprises will continue mixing on-premises infrastructure with the cloud-based options. Supporting this trend is the move towards innovative hybrid solutions by workplace platform vendors who see the need for these versatile tools.

In the next decade, be prepared to utilize these hybrid solutions in your company to get the most out of your IT capabilities.

Are You Responsive to Workforce Upskilling?

We already mention AI is taking on more repetitive tasks in the workplace. As this shift continues, it will move many workplaces out of linear processes and into more complex but productive ones. As such, companies and individuals must invest in their ability to adapt to new technologies for business purposes.

This digital dexterity can be fostered as employees seek to elevate their skills and perform more valuable tasks that a bot can’t do. They can shed repetitive, automated tasks for ones that involve higher-level thinking. Enterprises can encourage this kind of growth with training programs, incentives and a general willingness to embrace new technology.

Your workplace should begin now to prepare for upskilling, the practice of teaching employees additional skills to expand their capabilities. Be flexible in adopting innovations that change employees’ jobs and in working with employees to adjust their responsibilities as needed.

Will You Empower Business-Led IT Integration?

Do you notice the gap between consumer IT and corporate IT? All too often, consumers have a seamless online experience at home only to battle an inefficient computer system at work. Somehow the work they do for a living is more difficult to accomplish and complete successfully than anything they do in their spare time.

These employees often turn to external providers to complete tasks when their company’s clunky IT fails them. Especially with more companies moving to the cloud, it’s easier than ever to find a different external application that makes work easier.

Companies have legitimate concerns with this practice, but they also cannot tell employees to stop using something that supports their work.

The solution is to empower business-led IT integration. This means maintaining a core set of services, such as email and other communication platforms, while allowing individual units to seek the unique services they need to do their jobs.

What Does the Future Hold for Your Modern Digital Workplace?

As you consider what future innovations mean for your digital workplace, keep in mind the key is to stay on top of new trends and work with a trusted managed services provider who knows all the ins and outs of intelligent IT.

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