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Is Your Unified Communications Solution Ready for Employees to Work From Anywhere

With the many options for cloud unified communications and collaboration solutions, do you know what is the right fit for your organization? Also, is your IT infrastructure ready to implement these solutions?

Challenges of On-Premise Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Were your current unified communications solutions ready for remote operations when stay-at-home orders were declared or did the scramble to go remote disrupt your business continuity? That kind of transition isn’t easy to deploy quickly when you are unprepared.

Organizations face many challenges when they let employees work remotely. Without everyone in one central location, you’re faced with many questions:

In a time of uncertainty, answering these questions ahead of time is vital to maintaining efficiencies when your workforce operations must suddenly change. And if your organization wants to keep up the pace with the evolving IT landscape, enabling the right tools are required to move forward.

Broaden Your Collaboration Capabilities With the Cloud

When your employees begin working in different locations, the change can be challenging if your unified communications systems are either on-premises or not accessible to the entire team. These challenges can severely impact your employee’s ability to access the tools and data they need to collaborate with customers and each other. With everyone working remotely, you need a digital solution that unites your operations no matter where employees are located.

If you haven’t considered moving your unified communications system to the cloud, now is the time to start. Even before the pandemic, organizations recognized the many benefits of cloud computing and began to plan to migrate to these solutions.

With cloud technology, your teams have secure access to company data, customer data, and communication applications from anywhere. All systems used can be migrated to the cloud and are accessible from the same devices your teams are currently using. This helps shorten the time for the deployment and end-user adoption

As a digital environment, the cloud offers incredible flexibility and scalability. It is easy to add and remove subscription apps to match the size of your workforce and budget. Unlimited data storage allows employees to collaborate without worrying about storage space on devices.

Cloud unified communication and collaboration platforms are also ideal for increased security. It is difficult for organizations to control the security of devices being used outside of the office. With these systems, you can easily control and restrict access to sensitive systems and data, providing the additional layer of security needed.

The first step in preparing for a cloud unified communications solution is to assess what the needs of your environment are and what factors are most important.

Taking Steps Toward a Cloud Unified Communications Solution

In addition to assessing your environment, here are some other steps to assess during your cloud transition:

  • Take inventory of your employees’ needs. What tools and data do your teams need to provide excellent customer service? What do your customers expect from them?
  • Reconsider your unified communications platform. If you’re moving to the cloud, now is a great time to evaluate different tools that may fit your needs better.
  • End-user adoption. What systems will be most affected and is there a learning curve?
  • Work with a qualified MSP. A managed service provider can walk you through your cloud migration and help you find the cloud-based offerings that will fit your specific needs. Ask them what it will take to make your call center remote and continue providing excellent customer service from your agents’ homes.

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