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How to Optimize Microsoft Solutions with Citrix Workspace

As organizations continue to embrace hybrid and remote work, they are looking to leverage their existing IT investments to help build a secure environment where users can access applications and sensitive data. In 2021, Microsoft reported their Microsoft 365 user base to be over 25 million and their Teams user base to be nearly 250 million.

As more and more organizations adopt Microsoft services, it’s clear that they will need a workspace solution that works well with their existing applications. They need to be sure that the advanced delivery experience of their Microsoft applications and infrastructure remains flawless, allowing them to realize the full value of their technology investments.

One solution that is leading the market in providing an all-in-one workspace solution, that allows Microsoft users to access their data and applications securely and efficiently, is Citrix Workspace. With Citrix Workspace, employees can access files and programs from a centralized location, such as an application or web browser, giving them the freedom and flexibility to work how they need to.

Citrix Workspaces enables companies to optimize their remote and hybrid workflows. Remote employees can remain productive and secure by accessing and utilizing their Microsoft applications through this environment. Citrix works well with many different cloud-based systems, but Solution Architect at ATSG Robert Campbell noted that Citrix is specially optimized to perform with Microsoft products:

“Citrix’s technology is designed for almost all of the cloud systems in the market, but there’s been, as of late, some tight integrations with Microsoft, specifically with their Teams, Azure, and Microsoft 365 solutions.”

In this article, you’ll learn all about how Citrix can enhance your Microsoft applications, and we’ll also detail how your company can onboard Citrix Workspace effectively through ATSG.

How Citrix Workspace Enhances Microsoft 365

Using Microsoft 365 through Citrix Workspace offers distinct advantages for businesses. It can increase your business’s IT efficiency while also reducing its overall complexity. With Citrix, your employees have a single sign-on, which simplifies the process of accessing applications. Employees won’t need to keep track of numerous sign-ins for different business applications. Not only is this more efficient for your team—but it also makes it easier to keep files and data secure. With single sign-on, IT can centralize control for Software-as-a-Service and website applications, so they can protect data regardless of where employees work.

Citrix can also improve your business’s ability to communicate and collaborate. Citrix comes with a built-in HDX Media Engine which can enhance your conferencing with Microsoft Teams. You’ll have higher quality conferencing and uninterrupted calls, videos, and screen sharing. Buffering can create a severe obstacle for productivity in hybrid and remote workflows, so Citrix’s HDX Media Engine is critical for enhancing your team’s ability to collaborate and communicate.

Citrix Workspace can also increase productivity through its cloud-based centralized access to files and documents. Your team can access their virtual workspace from any device so that they can remain productive even when they’re away from their primary workstations. Citrix Workspace provides users with a powerful performance and intuitive interface across all kinds of devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Using Microsoft Azure Through the Citrix Workspace

While Citrix Workspace works well with Microsoft 365, it also works well with Microsoft Azure. Robert Campbell noted that Citrix works seamlessly with Microsoft Azure to offer users a powerful workflow:

“Citrix’s technology for apps and desktops will sit right on top of the Microsoft operating system. When it comes to an Azure environment, Microsoft and Citrix have been working together … to further integrate and enhance Citrix’s capabilities in Azure.”

ATSG’s Vice President of Application Consulting Services Pete Madsen reiterated how Microsoft and Citrix work seamlessly to deliver an optimal cloud experience for businesses:

“Microsoft and Citrix are better together. … They’re tight from a partnership perspective. The Citrix Cloud Plane sits in Azure, so there’s substantial investment from Citrix in Azure and how they integrate.”

When you use Citrix with Microsoft Azure, you can centralize your work processes while also remaining secure in the cloud.

Streamline Productivity with Microsoft and Citrix

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, incorporating a powerful workspace into your workflow is critical for remaining productive and secure. ATSG makes the implementation, integration, and adoption of solutions like Microsoft 365, Azure, and Citrix Workspace easy.

ATSG can work with your organization to implement software solutions that help drive productivity and optimize workflow. Through ATSG, Microsoft, and Citrix, your organization will have everything it needs to thrive in a hybrid environment. Contact ATSG today to learn more.

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