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How an MSP Can Support Your Business Continuity

Lean on a managed service provider (MSP) to support your remote workers for secure business continuity during these difficult times.

Few events have affected the way we do business like the COVID-19 pandemic. Enterprises of all sizes and across all industries have seen their operations suddenly change or shut down completely. Many that were ill-prepared for this disaster will not reopen.

An enterprise’s ability to maintain essential functions during and after an emergency or natural disaster is known as business continuity. Many enterprises have a business continuity management plan. Its purpose is to address possible catastrophes and save the organization from failure. A business continuity plan identifies critical business functions and operations that must be maintained and how to do so under unusual circumstances.

One necessity for business continuity, no matter what your enterprise is going through, is IT support. Today most enterprises rely on digital systems to work, communicate, save data, and more. Without a backup plan for your systems, your enterprise will falter during difficult times. So how can you preserve IT operations for the sake of business continuity?

Working with a reputable managed service provider (MSP) is a great way to ensure your IT operations are not disrupted. Employees can stay productive no matter what else is going on. They will also be able to continue to serve and satisfy their customers. Thanks to the nature of their work, MSPs are uniquely positioned to respond to rapidly changing IT needs.

As you work to find solutions for your enterprise, reach out to your trusted MSP, and ask about the ways they can support your business continuity now and in the future.

See How ATSG Can Help Support Your Business Continuity Efforts

MSP Support for Remote Employees

One of the unique hallmarks of the COVID-19 pandemic is the unprecedented number of employees now working from home.

If your enterprise has transitioned to remote work recently, do your employees have the IT support they need to perform their jobs and promote business continuity?

Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to set up their home office devices and connect to the enterprise’s network. And what happens when the virtual private network (VPN) is acting up or someone accidentally deletes an important file? With so many changes to their work environment, plenty of employees are struggling to adapt to work-from-home technology and will be having more technical difficulties than usual.

In response to the confusion, an MSP can support your IT team and troubleshoot technical issues for your staff. If you have an in-house IT department for such queries, your MSP can support them by doing background work like infrastructure maintenance and security management while your IT employees handle the influx of computer questions.

Business Continuity Plans Must Include Mobile & Infrastructure Solutions

It might be time for an update to your IT infrastructure and to adopt more mobile solutions as you focus on critical functions for your enterprise’s business continuity.

This kind of agility is easier to achieve with the support of an MSP. MSPs are skilled at reconfiguring networks and systems, implementing new applications, and supporting you as your employees adjust to these changes. They can set you up with the digital tools you need to maintain essential operations.

Many MSPs are experienced in cloud applications too. If you haven’t moved vital functions and data from hard drives to the Cloud yet, now may be the time to do so with the help of your MSP. The Cloud offers easy access to work applications no matter where employees are working.

An MSP can also help get mobile solutions set up for your enterprise. If you’ve switched from desktops and telephones to laptops and smartphones for employees working from home, an MSP can ensure these devices have the applications, access, and necessary security.

Managed Service Providers Can Set Up & Manage New Security Needs

Another common challenge with so many people working from home is maintaining tight security.
Cybercriminals know that many networks and systems are compromised as enterprises restructure them to accommodate remote work. New endpoint devices may not have enough virus protection. Mobile devices may lack access restrictions. And some enterprises may have neglected to set up secure VPNs in the chaos of transitioning to working from home. These oversights put your enterprise’s systems and data at risk.

MSPs specialize in cybersecurity and can find all the holes in your new setup. They can fix them too. They know where you need firewalls and malware protection. They can install, configure, and maintain your VPN and limit access to sensitive information.

Your MSP also can respond to potential threats and security breaches when they occur. Any good MSP offers 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and response. The last thing you need during a disaster is a cyberattack. While you’re focused on other projects, it can detect and stop malicious activity before your enterprise is seriously compromised.

When it’s time to pull out the business continuity plan, you need all the help you can get. Partnering with an MSP can keep employees productive, customers happy, and protect your enterprise from cyberattacks. Working with an MSP will help you be prepared for whatever comes next and can ensure your enterprise not only survives but thrives even under the worst circumstances.

Remote Workforce Business Continuity

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