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Is Your Enterprise a Target for Cyberattacks

As more and more business systems are moving to online platforms, threats to corporate IT networks continue to increase.

The threat of cyberattacks is no longer new, but as modern enterprises rely more and more on technology, their vulnerability grows. Reports from 2019 found that half of small-to-medium enterprises are struggling to detect cyberattacks, and 66% had experienced a security breach that year.

You know these threats are out there, but do you know where your vulnerabilities lie? With so many breaches reported, it’s evident that many enterprises don’t have the detailed view required.

Five Enterprise Cyberattacks Questions You Need to Ask

If you aren’t up to date on how hackers and malware can penetrate your security defenses, here are five questions to ask yourself as you explore the ways enterprises are targeted and your own level of risk.

#1 — Do your employees know they can be targeted?

Employees are a prime target of phishing scams and other malware attacks, as hackers rely on them to not recognize fraudulent activity. It’s up to you to educate them on how they can help keep your network and data secure. Communicate to them the need to be wary of clicking pop-ups and links in suspicious emails. They should never give out work log-in information, and their passwords should be strong. They also should avoid accessing company data through public Wi-Fi networks and allow network security updates to run on work devices.

Social Engineering can also be conducted to determine the percentage of employees who are at a higher risk of falling victim to an attack.

#2 — Are hackers infiltrating your work email?

Everyone has received phishing emails sent to their work account. Most people can spot an obvious scam email, but cybercriminals today are getting smarter. Now they use a method called “spear phishing,” where they put more work into making emails look legitimate enough to trick employees into opening them. After that, all it takes is a click of a link to let a hacker into your network.

If your organization doesn’t have the proper layers of security to prevent a network breach, it’s time to update your cybersecurity measures.

#3 — Is social media putting you at risk?

Like email, social media offers cybercriminals an easy way to target internet users with malware and other cyber threats. If employees use social media on work devices, it’s easy for them to click on advertisements or “false” friend requests containing malware that then infiltrates your enterprise’s network. Hackers also use personal information from social media to craft targeted attacks against specific industries and enterprises.

#4 — Is your technology infrastructure at risk?

Every enterprise today has some sort of cybersecurity, but if there isn’t a proper strategy in place, you should expect cybercriminals to find the cracks. It’s a good idea to do an inventory of security measures for your technology infrastructure to see if there’s anywhere you need to increase security efforts.

#5 — Are your entry points covered?

Cybercriminals are smart. They know about common weaknesses in security among enterprises. They also remember what has worked before. For instance, if a hacker has successfully accessed an enterprise’s network previously, that’s where they will try again in the future.

If you have experienced a security breach before, that same access point is now a long-term risk and requires extra defenses and attention.

Is Your Enterprise a Target for Cyberattacks?

So, how likely are you to be a victim of such an attack?

It’s difficult to stay a step ahead of the cybercriminals. Understanding how they attack enterprises like yours can help, but for the most effective defense, work with an experienced managed service provider. They can curate a strategic plan to protect the organization, patch and monitor the network, act if there is a breach and make recommendations to continue to keep organizations safe.

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