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The digital revolution is changing the ways businesses operate today, and this transition is becoming vital with every passing day. However, change is always easier said than done, and developing a digital-first culture takes time and effort. With an increase in remote work, more and more employees are working from their homes.

This trend has simultaneously accelerated the automation of organizations. For the last few years, organizations have been designing elaborate strategies to become digital by default, resulting in business success.


What is Digital Adoption? 

Digital adoption refers to the state where an enterprise can leverage digital tools and programs to smoothly perform various processes. It involves giving the workforce access to web-based applications and other technologies. Digital adoption improves the overall experience of making work easier to manage for employees.

It provides employees accessibility to various tools and applications to perform efficiently. This results in effective growth in revenue, better customer service, and robust business growth.

Gartner predicts that there will be an increase of 70% in digital adoption solutions across technology industries by 2025. For organizations shifting towards changing technology, the best route to adopting digital solutions is through the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Why Digital Adoption is Necessary for Enterprises? 

At large, the pandemic has caused organizations to push forward technological shifts at a faster rate. Change can be considered overwhelming for workforces and consumers, which is why adopting digital solutions has become the core objective of many enterprises.

The following reasons explore how digital adoption is an important asset to achieving successful digital transformation.

  • Positive Adoption Plan and Employee Creativity:-

A successful digital adoption plan allows employees to do more with their time at work, allowing them to be innovative. This leads to benefiting the customer loyalty and brand value of the organization.

  • Employee Retention:-

There is a strong connection between adopting digital solutions and employee satisfaction rates, and ultimately lower employee turnover. Employees that find their jobs satisfying are less likely to change their organization.

  • Speedy Recruitment and On-boarding:-

Even the most qualified candidate will still have to spend some time learning the operations and processes of the firm. Digital adoption tools are efficient in this manner, as they really help in getting new hires up to speed quickly.

The Concept of Digital Adoption Platforms 

DAP is the invisible overlay on applications that enables customers and employees to adapt to changing workflows and software, both quickly and easily. It offers a centralized platform for managing all aspects of the adoption process, from assessment and planning to implementation and monitoring.

The solution contains features that help integrate seamlessly with the software to avoid any misled outcomes from the users. DAP is an effective way for organizations to leverage desirable business outcomes and maximize returns on their digital investments.

The Purpose of Digital Adoption Platforms  

Inappropriate software use and issues with onboarding and other user processes cause more than 91% of enterprise software errors. Digital adoption platforms help prevent errors in applications by giving step-by-step insight through various processes and tasks. DAP helps increase end-user adoption, showing users each feature of the technology and how to use it. This helps ensure the company gains maximum value and Return on Investment (ROI) from the application.

Benefits of Adopting DAP Solutions 

 With the global investment in digital transformation forecast to reach US $2.8 trillion by 2025, organizations need to adopt strategic solutions. According to Gartner, the 2022 Market Guide for DAP reports that 70% of organizations will start to use DAP across all domains.

The following components explore the reason why deploying DAP is essential in this digital era.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity 

DAP’s ability to direct users to the ideal way to use software has shown considerable effectiveness in levels of organizational progress. DAPs provide a path to higher engagement and remove digital friction, thus increasing digital dexterity and overall productivity. According to Forrester, Digital Adoption Platforms enable organizations to continuously track and improve adoption, usage, and experiences for all users.

Enhanced Employee Experience 

According to Harvard Business Review, the average employee faces poor digital experience, which in turn is linked to employee churn. DAPs are uniquely placed to enhance user experience and help enterprises retain their talent. Digital friction increases dissatisfaction with tools provided by organizations and leads to disengagement. Organizations with a high employee turnover rate can benefit from DAP systems.

Increased ROI and Effectiveness 

Gartner reports that DAPs enable organizations to drive more ROI by enhancing existing assets and eliminating duplicative technology. It provides a consistent experience that helps users to complete work efficiently. DAP also offers analytics, driving actionable insights to improve experiences and streamline work, thus improving the overall ROI. Such systems prevent digital investments from becoming redundant or yielding a negative employee or customer experience.

Leading Digital Solutions Market 

ATSG plays a key role in the industry by providing intelligent solutions to support organizations in successful digital transformation. Helping organizations achieve a thriving workplace, ATSG’s Digital Workplace Solutions come with the highest standards for digital workplace maturity.

ATSG further offers the highest standards of Digital Infrastructure Solutions that encompass a wide range of infrastructural management and enhancement. These solutions are designed to establish a strong standing in the global market for modern businesses.

Conclusively, digital adoption is at all-time highs, especially through the integration of DAPs and other intelligent technologies. Finding the right solutions through well-equipped service providers, like ATSG, really streamlines the digital adoption process.

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