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With many digital opportunities to choose from, organizations reimagining their workplace models need expert guidance and resources. ATSG’s Digital Workplace solutions offer and deliver un-rivaled collaboration capabilities, IT services, and customized processes.

We have highly trained and certified teams of professionals that can assess an organization’s digital workplace needs. Outsourcing these facilities to professionals, such as ATSG, can take off the burden of IT Infrastructure management from organizations.


Adopting key elements of digital workplaces through inclusion, reinvention, empowering employees, and technological balance can produce effective results. For organizations, achieving operational excellence, and investing in the right technology can enhance digital workplaces. Leveraging such services from organizations like ATSG can help gain a comprehensive approach toward digital workplace transformation.

The Impact of Operational Excellence on Digital Workplaces

Operational excellence is a key factor in the success of digital workplace transformation. It involves streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring that the organization is well-equipped to take advantage of new technologies and trends.

To remember the factors for operational excellence, the following list explores the key components that make up the process.

Process Excellence

Assess the current processes to identify areas for improvement, and eliminate in-efficiencies. This can include automating manual processes, streamlining workflows, and standardizing procedures across various departments.

Effort Optimization

Invest in the optimization of the efforts being made by the workforce. This ensures that employees have the skills and knowledge they need to effectively use new technologies and processes, and they spend efforts only on the core activities.

Decision Excellence

Leverage data and analytics for informed decision-making, and measure the impact of digital workplace transformation initiatives. This can include establishing performance metrics, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), and continuously refining processes.

Infrastructure Excellence

Ensure that the technology infrastructure is robust, scalable and flexible to support the demands of digital workplace transformation. This can include upgrading hardware and software, adopting cloud-based solutions, and investing in cybersecurity.


Foster a culture of continuous improvement by regularly reviewing and refining processes and procedures, seeking out new technologies as well as solutions. It also involves continuously measuring the impact of digital workplace transformation initiatives

Role of Digital Workplace Solutions in Operational Excellence

Digital workplace transformation stands as a key enabler for operational excellence, creating new opportunities to improve efficiency, quality and cost. In 2023, the pace of change continues to accelerate, as companies with digital-first strategies become 64% more likely to achieve their business goals.

However, merely implementing a technology solution doesn’t automatically lead to business improvement, and today’s highly un-certain macro-economic environment has only increased complexity.

Partnering with an experienced service provider holds the key to minimizing risks, while un-locking the game-changing potential of businesses and technical innovation that delivers operational excellence.

This is where ATSG comes in, with its refined digital solutions. Deploying organizations can harness innovative technologies, and reinvent competencies to achieve an optimized state and operational excellence. From automation to Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing to analytics, countless success stories during the pandemic prove that digital workplace transformation enables operational improvements, while also reducing costs.

Benefits of Digital Workplace Transformation via ATSG

Organizations have faced multiple challenges in adopting changes in workplace environments. Opting for capable service providers, such as ATSG, can offer un-rivaled collaboration capabilities, IT services, and customized processes. ATSG has a professional team that evaluates, manages and re-designs an organization’s IT environment for optimal performance.

Here are some compelling benefits of adopting ATSG’s Digital Workplace solutions:-

  • Increased Flexibility: In an effective digital workplace transformation, employees enjoy increasing flexibility in both their work schedules and their work environments. ATSG promotes digital tools, such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to enhance Digital Employee Experience (DEX) for an effective working enviornment.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: By opting for virtual and digital interactive tools, organizations can reduce IT related operating expenses. This saves on travel and overhead costs like office, space, and furniture. Organizations that choose ATSG can leverage DaaS and SaaS solutions, which can help them manage the costs related to IT management. This makes the entire digital transformation of workplaces cost-efficient.
  • Enhanced Communication: Employee collaboration and communication are two very important aspects within an organization that are shifting towards digital transformation. ATSG offers innovative tools, like unified communication and collaboration (UCC) that allow workforces to connect with one another, and seamlessly work together on complex projects with stringent timelines.
  • Employee Experience: With ATSG, the digital employee experience (DEX) is so much more than just IT. It is a key factor in the way overall employee experiences pan out. ATSG has a comprehensive approach towards offering DEX tools that exponentially enhance performance. They include resources such as employee life-cycle management, collaboration tools, and cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Increased Performance: Using effective digital tools can allow organizations to identify KPIs, and how to improve those consistently over time. With this information, organizations can determine areas of improvement to optimize the processes. With ATSG’s digital transformation capabilities, organizations can achieve the resources they require to meet and exceed market expectations.
  • Improved Customer Experience (CX): Organizations work towards improving the customer’s experience, and meeting their demands. With ATSG’s solutions, such as Enterprise Service Desk, customers are able to get the services they desire, and the business remains efficient and productive amidst all odds.


Collaboration and Communication in the Digital Workplace

Internal communication and collaboration are crucial to the success of any organization. Providing workforces with the appropriate tools and resources to ease communication and collaboration is essential. Unified communication and collaboration (UCC) are a reliable service that provides everything an organization needs to communicate on one platform.

UCC technologies focus on better communication to exert knowledge and collaboration, and provide the tools to make company objectives attainable. As a leading It Services provider , ATSG offers robust solutions that facilitate companies with UCC tools, according to their budget constraints and specific needs.

Leveraging Automation in Achieving Operational Excellence

Companies have faced multiple challenges in determining the right technologies for integrating operational excellence across the organization. Traditional technology is shifting towards automation-based solutions to attain that operational success. With multiple benefits of efficiency, productivity and resource security, automation has become the next mega digital solution.

The concept of operational success requires the ability to eradicate the chances of error from occurring within processes. Therefore, automation is rightfully considered a great technology investment business leaders make with digital workplace transformation.

Cybersecurity Management of Digital Workplaces via ATSG

With the rise of digital transformation, also comes the increased risk of malicious attacks and cybercrime. Developing stronger cybersecurity protocols, and well-equipped workforces can mitigate the risk of cybercrime. Cybersecurity experts, like ATSG, identify the possibility of achieving a robust cyber security posture.

With ATSG’s cybersecurity capabilities, organizations can benefit from effective mechanisms and security protocols that act against any malware or other cyber threats. ATSG offers multi-layered security systems, with strong authentication and access controls to prevent any malicious activity. With ATSG’s security solutions, digital workplaces can set quite high benchmarks for their security performance.

Leveraging Digital Workplace Solutions from ATSG

Organizations tend to face multiple challenges in adopting changes in workplace environments. Opting for leading service providers, such as ATSG, can offer un-rivaled collaboration capabilities, IT services, and customized processes.

Here is a glimpse of ATSG’s highly diversified portfolio of Digital Workplace solutions:-


Enterprise Service Desk

ATSG’s enterprise service desk offers multi-channeled interactions, self-help, reporting, analytics, and insights that truly empower users across the organization, irrespective of their location or devices. With such a solution, organizations are able to improve productivity, increase the quality of service and user experience, provide multi-lingual support, and perform globally.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

With the increase of cloud computing, organizations find desktop as a service a very suitable solution. ATSG’s intelligent DaaS solution offers a full spectrum of use cases, advanced enterprise workloads, multi-device support from the cloud, and high-end graphics support. This gives the ability to cut costs efficiently, by introducing cloud hosted virtual desktops that can be provisioned as per enterprise needs.

Site and Field Services

Certain organizations with on-premise digital infrastructure require services that would support their customers at all times. ATSG delivers and provides on-site technical repairs and dispatch services on a global scale. Certified and seasoned field engineers are available on call, to perform repairs and maintenance on a variety of equipment and applications at your location(s).

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Services

DEX is a key factor in the overall employee experience within an organization. Adopting a comprehensive approach through ATSG‘s DEX solutions can manage the employee’s life-cycle, increase the use of collaborative tools, enhance security on employee devices, enable work from anywhere (WFX), and provide multi-layered support.

Conclusively, implementing a digital workplace transformation strategy has become essential in today’s business world. The competitive advantage of digital transformation is too significant to ignore. Establishing a successful digital workplace transformation, along with operational excellence is essential to build a sustainable business model.

As a leading provider of Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology Solutions, ATSG delivers high-tech digital workplace solutions that enhance internal and external capabilities through intelligent technologies and software. Our solutions help organizations achieve a thriving workplace, and achieve the highest standards of digital workplace maturity.

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