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Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing service that has much to offer your business, including top-notch security, flexibility, and scalability, and its cloud infrastructure is perfect for optimizing your workflow with Office 365.

Organizations can get even more out of Microsoft and expedite the migration process by using a managed services provider (MSP) with a high-level Microsoft partnership.

If your organization is considering or is in the process of transitioning to Microsoft Azure and Office 365, you should be aware of some top benefits of using an MSP and how they can make the transition process easy and seamless.

Data Migration

Using an MSP that is a Microsoft expert is essential to ensuring that your data migration goes smoothly and securely. MSPs provide organizations with the required support in the planning and implementation of your project so that downtime, where data is inaccessible, is minimized. A managed services provider will work with your organization to come up with the best strategy for your unique goals and situation.

Without an MSP to assist you, your internal IT department would likely need to implement the migration process. When your IT department shifts its focus to migration, it can affect the day-to-day operations of your organization. It can greatly extend the process of implementing Azure and make it more expensive. You can save your company a great deal of time and money by using a managed services provider.

Developing a Scalable Plan Around Your Workflow

Your organization needs a detailed plan for implementing Azure that analyzes your workload, infrastructure, and applications. When you work with an MSP, they will assess your business’s situation and determine whether Azure is the compatible solution for your network and goals. After the assessment is complete, the MSP will create a detailed plan for migrating your business’s workflow.

Scalability is one of the great benefits of Microsoft Azure and using an MSP to create detailed plans for your organization’s future goals and objectives is essential for budgeting and cost planning.

Secure Migration and Compliance

When your business migrates to Azure, it needs to follow the compliance and regulatory procedures required for your industry. An MSP, like ATSG, typically holds many certifications in compliance and regulatory processes and can ensure that you incorporate the right items that allow your organization to remain compliant now and into the future.

An important element for compliance is ensuring a safe and secure environment during migration. Your assets need robust protection throughout the implementation process and beyond. Quality MSPs provide year-round, 24x7xAlways monitoring of vital assets so that you have the peace of mind that your data and business are secure. MSPs can identify and fix gaps in your security and detect potential threats before it is too late.

Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner MSP

There are numerous MSPs available for your business to work with, but you need to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner to get the most out of Azure. When an MSP reaches gold status with Microsoft, it means that they’re knowledgeable and capable of expertly implementing Azure and Office 365.

Although there are many different Microsoft Gold Partner MSPs your business can choose from, ATSG has critical access to Microsoft’s plans and future with Azure and Office 365 through their partnership. ATSG provides organizations with expert Microsoft Azure and Office 365 guidance, and it can prepare your business for its migration and optimize your implementation for future security and scalability.

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