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Cisco Managed Service Provider

Full Support for Cisco Solutions

Assure your Cisco solutions with proven managed services from ATSG, a longtime Cisco Managed Service Provider.

Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions, together with their underlying IT infrastructure, are mission-critical for modern businesses. Unfortunately, their complexity and inherent need for uninterrupted uptime makes managing them a challenge. Assure the performance and availability of your essential Cisco solutions and supporting infrastructure with help from ATSG, the preeminent Cisco Managed Service Provider.


Business Benefits of Cisco Managed Services

Leveraging managed service provider support for your Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions helps you realize a range of benefits.


prioritize our efforts

Enable your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives instead of the tedious task of managing complex Cisco solutions.


Optimize Investments

Maximize the potential of your investments in Cisco solutions by ensuring those solutions operate at peak performance and thereby achieve high utilization rates.


Increase Csat

Minimize the risk of your Cisco solutions experiencing outages and interruptions to improve the satisfaction levels of customers who you interact with using those solutions.


Drive Productivity

Prevent downtime and poor performance that prohibit employees dependent on Cisco solutions from doing their jobs.

Cisco Managed Services from ATSG

The ATSG Managed Network Service (MNS) combines the knowledge of the Cisco experts in ATSG’s MNS support center with the power of the Cisco-specific features in the OPTXTM platform. This integrated managed service offering provides customers with a level of support for Cisco solutions that they cannot obtain from other MSPs. Through ATSG’s MNS, we offer differentiated support for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and Cisco Unified Communications (UC), as well as the underlying infrastructure that supports these solutions.

Assuring the performance and availability of the IT infrastructure that underpins Cisco UC and UCCE solutions is equally as important as assuring those solutions themselves.

Leverage ATSG’s RMS to ensure both your infrastructure and the solutions running on top of it are always operating at peak performance.

• ATSG and its employees hold certifications for vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, VMware and others.

• ATSG’s OPTXTM platform offers full-stack monitoring, with end-to-end management of the IT infrastructure and the solutions it supports. This allows ATSG to monitor and manage entire IT environments from a single platform, enabling our engineers to pinpoint issues more accurately and solve them more quickly than other managed service providers are able to.


Cisco UC solutions deliver integrated voice, video, mobility and presence services across endpoints, devices and applications. Environments comprised of so many varied and distributed technologies are technically complex and thereby difficult to manage.

Leverage ATSG’s MNS to assure the performance and availability of your critical yet complex UC environment.

• ATSG provides Managed Service Provider support for some of the world’s largest Cisco UC networks, with a combined total of over three million endpoints under management.
• ATSG holds a Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization.
• 100% of our L2 and L3 engineers hold Cisco certifications, including many advanced UC and collaboration certifications.
• ATSG’s OPTXTM platform has been purpose-built to monitor and manage real-time communications solutions from Cisco by Cisco experts, including several CCIEs. Its proprietary UC features and functionality help ATSG engineers find and solve problems that often go unnoticed with other tools.


Cisco UCCE is a contact center solution designed for enterprise customers. It delivers a full range of call routing and management features over an IP infrastructure. UCCE environments are comprised of multi-layer, distributed applications with multiple service components, making them inherently complex and difficult to manage.

Leverage ATSG’s MNS to assure the performance and availability of your critical yet complex UCCE environment.

• ATSG provides Managed Service Provider support for over 60 Cisco Contact Center customers.
• 100% of our L2 and L3 engineers hold Cisco certifications, including many advanced contact center certifications.
• ATSG’s OPTXTM platform has been purpose-built to monitor and manage real-time communications solutions from Cisco by Cisco experts, including several CCIEs. Its proprietary UCCE features and functionality help ATSG engineers find and solve problems that often go unnoticed with other tools.

Cisco Managed Service Provider Certifications

From the time we earned our first Cisco certification in 2000 to today, our partners have made ATSG their first call when they have a customer with a Cisco solution in need of management. Our collection of Cisco Managed Service Provider certifications serves as proof of our ability to provide first-rate support for Cisco solutions.

Cisco Gold Certification

ATSG’s status as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner serves as affirmation of our breadth of skills across Cisco technologies and our ability to support customers in those technologies.

Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization

This designation signifies that ATSG is an expert in the Cisco Collaboration Architecture, including unified communications, conferencing, customer care and collaboration endpoints.

Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

This specialization indicates that ATSG is an expert in the Cisco Data Center Architecture. The Cisco Unified Data Center platform unifies computing, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single architecture.

Cisco Advanced Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialization

This certification recognizes ATSG’s expertise in intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, and contact management solutions to enterprise agents over an IP-based network.

Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

ATSG maintains Cisco Preferred Solution Partner status for monitoring of both Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) deployments. The OPTXTM platform achieved Cisco Compatible status for such deployments after undergoing successful certification testing administered by Cisco.

Individual Employee Certifications

ATSG employs 150+ Cisco Certified team members, including several Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs).


Managed Service Provider Software

ATSG occupies a unique space in the managed services market as a longtime MSP with its own internally developed service assurance software solutions.For 20 years, ATSG has been working round-the-clock to assure the performance and availability of some of the world’s most complex Cisco UC and UCCE environments. Our product engineers have taken this firsthand experience and leveraged the learnings it has provided to develop the technology that powers ATSG’s MNS.


The ATSG OPTXTM Platform

ATSG performs full-stack monitoring and is the engine behind our managed services. The ATSG OPTXTM platform holds Cisco Compatible certification for monitoring Cisco UC and UCCE deployments. It delivers predictive and proactive service assurance for such implementations by providing ATSG’s MNS engineers with actionable intelligence that enables them to prioritize and address incidents in a rapid fashion.


To improve the effectiveness of OPTXTM platform for the MNS support center, we have developed a managed service provider software solution which we refer to as the Service Infrastructure Management Layer, or SIML. SIML helps ATSG reduce mean time to resolution by automatically routing problem tickets directly to specialist groups with expertise in that type of problem. In other words, UC problems get routed directly to our UC team, and UCCE problems get routed directly to our UCCE team, avoiding the need for time-consuming processing by generalists.

A Cisco MSP Success Story

When one of Europe’s largest FinTech companies experienced performance and availability issues with its Cisco contact centers, they brought in ATSG to replace their incumbent Cisco managed service provider. At go-live, over 3,800 endpoints, 28 Cisco UCCE servers and 16 Cisco UC servers – along with supporting network infrastructure – were under management by ATSG.

By correlating events and automatically validating incidents, OPTXTM platform has reduced incident volumes by 99.8% for the customer. This reduction ensures that ATSG MNS support center engineers spend their time working on real contact center issues for the customer rather than drowning in noise.

Read the full case study to learn what other business benefits ATSG managed services provided for this large payment processor.


FAQs for MSPs

Selecting a Managed Service Provider is a major decision. Because of that, companies often have a lot of questions during the decision-making process. Here are some questions that companies frequently ask, accompanied by answers from ATSG, an experienced MSP.

How does an MSP work?

Managed Service Providers remotely manage customers’ IT services and infrastructure. An MSP and its customers are typically bound by contractual service-level agreements (SLAs). These agreements define performance, availability and quality metrics the MSP must achieve for the customer environments they are managing. MSPs uphold SLAs by identifying and remediating issues that are afflicting customer environments.

Why do you need a Managed Service Provider?

There are many benefits to engaging with a managed service provider. By utilizing an MSP, a company can eliminate the need to staff and maintain an internal IT operations organization. For companies with existing IT operations staff, MSPs can be used to fill skill gaps. Leveraging managed services can also enable a company’s IT personnel to focus more on strategic initiatives than day-to-day operations. Additionally, MSPs can help most companies achieve higher levels of performance and availability for their critical business services than those companies could achieve on their own.

What should you look for in a Managed Services Provider?

Look for a Managed Service Provider that possesses the following key attributes:

  • Certifications: Look for an MSP that maintains certifications and specializations related to the technologies you need managed and security best practices.
  • Intelligent Software: Your MSP should leverage intelligent service assurance software that enables it to quickly diagnose and remediate issues.
  • Proven ITSM Methodology: MSPs should follow a proven ITSM methodology such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.
  • High Renewal Rate: Partner with an MSP that has achieved a high renewal rate. That indicates that customers value the service they receive from the provider.

How do I choose a Managed Service Provider?

Choose a Managed Service Provider that can meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Coverage: Opt for an MSP that can provide the coverage you need in terms of time (24×7 vs. business hours support), geography (regional vs. national vs. global support) and technologies.
  • SLA Alignment: Select an MSP that will work with you to align SLAs with your business priorities. You should not accept insufficient SLAs that leave you without proper coverage, nor should you pay for SLAs that greatly exceed your needs.
  • References: Be sure any MSP you consider is able to connect you directly with reference customers. Ideal references will fit a similar profile as your business in terms of industry, size and technology landscape.