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Security Controls and the
Move to Cloud-delivered Email

Many companies are shifting to cloud-based email under the assumption that service providers will automatically include comprehensive security controls. However, this may not be the case leaving your company at risk for an attack.

It is crucial to understand the trends in email security to lower the probability of your company falling victim to an attack.

Cloud email, in particular, has become a major target for attacks, with substantial gaps in security leaving users, devices, and data vulnerable to threats. Attackers also attempt to breach email using a variety of other methods, including Ransomware, Phishing, Malware, Spam, Domain Compromise, Account Takeover, Internal Threats and Spoofing

“Microsoft 365 phishing takeover is 1 of the 3 most common email threats.”

The increased use of cloud email platforms can make it
challenging for organizations to effectively protect every mailbox.
That’s where Cisco Cloud Mailbox Defense can help. Building
upon leading Cisco Email Security technology, Cloud Mailbox
Defense secures Microsoft 365 email with a unique combination
of visibility, simplicity, integration, and intelligence — so your
organization can feel confident that it’s fully protected.

To better understand the trends involving email security that could save your company from an attack in the future download our e-book to learn more.