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OPTXTM Architecture

The OPTXTM Platform is built to meet the needs of end-clients, systems integrators, value-added , and our own NOC.

The ATSG's OPTXTM Service Assurance Platform

In the OPTXTM Platform, full-stack monitoring capabilities are coupled with a range of innovative features to deliver a unified, intelligent and business-aligned view of your IT services and infrastructure.

Architectural Insights

The OPTXTM platform features a number of patented technology innovations that enable you to detect, diagnose and resolve service issues more quickly and accurately – increasing IT service quality and driving down operational costs.


Data Ingestion

ATSG’s OPTXTM Platform automatically discovers every element in the infrastructure, creates topology maps, and determines relationships and dependencies between elements and the business services they support. OPTXTM platform utilizes an extensive range of IT technologies and monitoring methods – including SNMP traps and polling, ICMP, TCP and UDP bulk polling, syslog messages and more.

Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) engine intelligently filters and analyzes event data using multiple patented techniques. Because OPTXTM platform already has a deep, ongoing understanding of the relationship between the elements driving your IT services, it can rapidly apply a series of RCA techniques to provide you with the topology-based root cause of issues.

Decision Engine

The Decision Engine takes correlated root cause information and automatically validates it by working through different scenarios using state machine technology. This takes just seconds and is powered by intelligent diagnostic and troubleshooting processes based on years of real-world experience of OPTXTM in managing specific IT services and technologies.

Business Impact Monitoring

Business Impact Monitoring works by mapping business services to the IT services and components that support them. By doing so, it is able to deliver real-time situational awareness of business services, enabling IT teams to prioritize and address issues quickly. This limits impact to critical business functions to ensure they continue to operate effectively and efficiently.


Real-Time Data & Dashboards

The dashboards of OPTXTM Platform deliver timely and accurate business service and infrastructure information needed by multiple functions across the organization, including real-time data on service and device performance and health. They can be customized based on role or individual to provide quick access to the most relevant information and help increase the efficiency of IT operations staff.


Not only does ATSG’s OPTXTM platform offer integrated event management, incident management and automated remediation, it integrates with leading IT service management and orchestration offerings such as ServiceNow, Ericsson and OpenStack. The resulting deployment creates a seamless response mechanism for any number of trigger mechanisms.

Success comes in many forms


The OPTXTM service’s “halo effect” led to the expansion of the service by identifying issues in the customer infrastructure that were not currently under management.