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Full-Stack Monitoring Tools for Faults & Performance

Assure Entire IT Environments Using the ATSG OPTXTM Platform

Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams often cobble together multiple tools to access all the capabilities needed to monitor and manage complex modern IT environments, from end to end. This approach has many undesirable side effects, including, but not limited to:

  • Overlapping functionality
  • Disconnected event, performance and application data
  • Lots of “noise” in the operations center

The full-stack monitoring and detection capabilities of OPTXTM Platform enable I&O teams to monitor their entire IT infrastructure using a single solution. The OPTXTM Platform takes advantage of both fault and performance data – including flow statistics and technology-specific information – to manage the health and availability of the IT infrastructure, resulting in enhanced accuracy of business service management, and reduced mean time to repair (MTTR).


Proactively Address IT Problems with Full-Stack Monitoring & Detection

Full-stack monitoring and detection — which comes with end-to-end monitoring, from the underlying infrastructure to the business applications it supports — predictively and proactively detects, analyzes, and notifies IT teams of problems, before they impact critical business services.

In conjunction with full-stack monitoring, OPTXTM Platform employs Smart Analytics, that takes advantage of machine learning (ML) to ensure accurate alerts and reduce false alarms. It does so by detecting both newly occurring and impending deviations from normal state.

Further, OPTXTM Platform assures business services across the largest hybrid networks — supporting traditional network and systems infrastructures that are integrated with the software-defined anything infrastructure of today — in a seamless standalone solution. This approach bridges the gap, as new technology is being deployed.

How Full-Stack Monitoring & Detection Helps IT Ops Teams



Provides deep support for all the elements of the IT infrastructure – from switch to server, app to endpoint.



Manage the most demanding environments by leveraging ATSG’s full spectrum of capabilities, from across the IT operations management (ITOM) landscape. We provide AI Operations (AIOps) with an emphasis on network performance monitoring (NPM), and IT infrastructure management (ITIM), plus a focused offering for digital experience monitoring (DXP).


Operate more efficiently and resolve IT problems more quickly, by conducting all IT operations activities within a single, full-stack monitoring solution – the OPTXTM Platform.

See how full-stack monitoring works for Contact Center environments.

Why Full-Stack Monitoring Requires Flow Analysis

The Flow Analysis feature enhances the accuracy of the OPTXTM Platform’s business service monitoring capabilities, delivering greater predictability and insight across single and multi-tenant IT environments. Additionally, the feature integrates NetFlow and sFlow data, thereby enhancing the ATSG OPTXTM platform’s AIOps functionality, such as Business Impact Monitoring (BIM) and Smart Analytics, as well as its reporting, alerting and troubleshooting capabilities.

Flow data gives a more accurate picture of business service performance and availability, and is accessible when drilling into infrastructure alerts within the OPTXTM Platform, to aid troubleshooting, thus enabling MTTR reduction. In addition, OPTXTM supports multi-tenancy, permitting cost-effective implementation in infrastructures servicing multiple clients or groups.


How Flow Analysis Helps IT Ops Teams


Enhance troubleshooting capabilities by leveraging improved visibility into network and application traffic, made possible by the combination of NetFlow and sFlow data gathered by the OPTXTM Platform.



Gain a comprehensive overview of business and IT service performance, especially when you can better understand how the infrastructure is supporting those services, by accessing reports that include flow information.



Provide cost-effective flow analysis, in cases where the infrastructure and services serve multiple customers, without the need to deploy flow collectors for each individual customer.

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