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The IT infrastructure of any modern enterprise is comprised of a wide range of software, applications, devices and work settings. With so many distinct variables at play, the IT infrastructure becomes a real challenge to monitor, optimize, and most importantly, secure.

With the current remote and hybrid work demands, the overall size and complexity of the enterprise IT infrastructure has increased tremendously. With so many devices accessing the enterprise network, data, applications and workloads from remote locations, the overall attack surface has increased exponentially.

In this backdrop, the IT and cybersecurity teams of enterprises find themselves in a conundrum. If they become too “liberal” with cybersecurity, a data or security breach is just around the corner. However, if they become too stringent with security, enterprise productivity would take a massive hit.


Present Day Cybersecurity Challenges

To protect a large enterprise IT infrastructure that has so many distinct variables, enterprises deploy a wide range of cybersecurity tools and mechanisms. Each of these tools is mainly geared towards protecting a specific component of the infrastructure, for instance the endpoint devices, servers, or the enterprise network itself.

Now, each of these cybersecurity tools is working in a silo, both generating and analyzing data, user behaviors, threat intelligence and activity logs etc. However, once we aggregate this vast amount of data, the true extent of this challenge is revealed.

Even if all this cyber threat data can be successfully aggregated, it still does not make any sense by itself. The modern enterprise needs a cybersecurity solution that is not only capable of aggregating all this data, but is also able to separate the “cyber noise”, or false positives from the actual cyber threats.

The other major challenge for security teams is that even if your individual cybersecurity tool does identify cyber threats, it is quite difficult to actually quantify its impact on the Business Continuity (BC), and mission critical workloads of your enterprise. It quickly can become costly and time consuming, attemping to allocate the same amount of enterprise resources to each detected threat.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) – The Way Forward

To better understand the concept of XDR, let us briefly delve into the concepts of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Not long ago, employee endpoint devices were considered the weakest link in the enterprise cybersecurity chain. This gave rise to EDR, whereby tools monitored endpoint devices for signs of viruses, malware or ransomware.

Gradually, as remote and hybrid work structures proliferated, in-house EDR became complex and challenging. This paved the way for MDR, which was essentially EDR, but offered by a third party, as a fully managed service. In fact, MDR was a means for outsourcing EDR to a specialized service provider.

With the passage of time, cyber threats have become so prevalent and stealthy that EDR or MDR alone cannot protect the IT infrastructure from present day threats. This is where the need for a unified and holistic cybersecurity solution in the form of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) comes in.

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

As the name suggests, a capable XDR solution encompasses every security aspect of the enterprise IT infrastructure, ranging across the network, endpoints, applications, workloads, and mission critical processes. In other words, a leading XDR solution covers the length and breadth of your enterprise IT infrastructure, most importantly as a unified mechanism.

Why Choose ATSG’s Cisco XDR Solution?

ATSG is a leading global provider of Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology Solutions. Another factor that sets ATSG apart from the competition is our sizeable in-house team of highly experienced and Cisco certified professionals.

Most importantly, ATSG’s long term collaboration and strategic relationship with Cisco has earned us the status of a Cisco certified XDR provider globally. This implies that ATSG is among the elite club of cutting edge technology solutions providers that offer the deployment, monitoring, and full-stack management of Cisco XDR.

The Features and Capabilities of ATSG’s XDR Solution

Now, let us cover some of the defining capabilities and features of ATSG’s Cisco XDR solution, enabling it to offer holistic protection from cyber threats.

Integration of Legacy Cybersecurity Tools

Most enterprises that deploy XDR are already invested in various cybersecurity solutions. ATSG’s Cisco XDR solution can seamlessly integrate with any legacy Cisco, or 3rd party security tools you may have deployed already, extending their service life and adding value to the enterprise.

Reducing Cyber Incident Noise

With so many disparate security tools operating individually, the data they generate can be overwhelming to ingest and analyze, for both human analysts and automated security tools. ATSG’s Cisco XDR reduces the overall “noise” related to cybersecurity incidents, by prioritizing threats on the basis of their impact (Business Impact Monitoring or BIM), and minimizing the number of false positives.

Threat Data Correlation

In a lot of instances, the data generated by any single cybersecurity tool may not deliver actionable insights. However, the situation could be entirely different, if the data from one of the tools is correlated logically with the findings of other tools. This data correlation is one of the many unique capabilities offered by ATSG’s Cisco XDR solution.

Un-rivaled IT Infrastructure Visibility

How can one secure something that lacks full visibility. ATSG’s Cisco XDR solution enhances visibility across your IT infrastructure, whether it’s the network, applications, data or endpoint devices. More visibility translates into better insights, and also highlights any gaps in the cybersecurity posture that need to be remediated.

Mitigation of Phishing Attacks

Due to lack of employee awareness and work related pressures, phishing attacks tend to somehow trick unwary staff members into committing some un-intentional mistake, which is then capitalized upon by some cyber miscreant. ATSG’s Cisco XDR minimizes the possibility of phishing scams, by detecting suspicious or malicious traffic beforehand.

Segmentation of the Infrastructure and Users

In any large enterprise, departments tend to work as independent units. Every employee does not need access to all the data, apps or other sensitive organizational resources. ATSG’s Cisco XDR solution enables your IT team, or our certified professionals to segment your IT infrastructure and end users, based on the nature of their assignments.

The Compelling Benefits of ATSG’s Cisco XDR

By choosing ATSG for Cisco XDR, your enterprise gets industry leading Consultation, Implementation, Training, Integration and Management capabilities under “one roof”. How convenient is that!

Here are some additional benefits of ATSG’s XDR solution:-

  • ATSG is a Certified Cisco XDR partner.
  • Seamless integration with Cisco and 3rd party security tools.
  • Multi-dimensional telemetry data on cyber threats.
  • Gain access to contextual insights for correlational analysis.
  • Prioritize cyber threats on the basis of actionable data.

ATSG’s Cisco XDR Deployment Cycle

Whenever an enterprise wants to integrate a new solution, there is always a certain degree of nervousness. With decades of industry experience under out belt, and one of the largest in-house teams of Cisco certified professionals, ATSG will make the entire XDR deployment cycle as seamless as possible.

Here is a glimpse of how we like to equip your enterprise with ATSG’s Cisco XDR:


Consulting Services

With our in-house Cisco certified professionals and consultants, gain valuable insights on your existing and future cybersecurity needs.

Implementation Services

Once we have mapped your infrastructure and potential threat sources, our experts will start implementing Cisco XDR across the enterprise.

Employee Training

To extract the maximum value from your XDR implementation, ATSG’s certified professionals will deliver extensive trainings for maximum efficacy.

Seamless Integration

ATSG’s certified Cisco professionals will then seamlessly integrate the XDR solution with any existing Cisco, or 3rd party security tools.

Fully Managed XDR

Let ATSG’s experts manage the XDR solution for your enterprise, so you can focus on business development and growth, while we take care of cybersecurity.

Choose ATSG for Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

As a leading global provider of Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology solutions, ATSG’s service offerings portfolio spans across Digital Workplace, Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, and Customer Experience Management solutions.

When it comes to Cisco XDR, ATSG is as good as it gets. Being a certified Cisco partner for Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and highly experienced in-house professionals that are certified by Cisco, we have got you fully covered.

Whether you want ATSG’s consultative input on implementing XDR, or leverage our industry leading expertise in implementing this highly technical cybersecurity solution, or want an XDR deployment that is fully managed by us, we offer all options under one roof.

Contact ATSG for seamless deployment and management of Cisco XDR for your enterprise, and set foot in an era of all-encompassing cybersecurity.

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