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What Will Your Call Center Look Like in Five Years ?

Call centers are changing rapidly, and with new technologies and workflows, your call center will likely look incredibly different in the future.

Omnichannel communication methods, artificial intelligence, and remote workspaces are shifting and optimizing how we handle customers, and the technology is improving so quickly that your call center will likely look substantially different in five years. In this blog, you’ll learn all about major changes you can expect for your call center when you adopt and implement new technologies.

Optimized Customer Experience

The customer experience will become increasingly important in the future, but it’s already a critical part of every business’s success. When you invest in your customers’ experiences, you endear them to your company and increase loyalty. Three key elements that shape and optimize your customer’s experience include:


Your call center can use both human agents and automated services to meet the needs of your customers and create meaningful interactions. The use of automated services improves your company’s overall ability to serve clients. With AI, your human agents don’t need to serve every customer that calls in. AI can handle some of the calls and redirect calls to human agents when necessary. This frees up your human staff to address more complicated customer needs, which improves your call center’s workflow efficiency.


With improved data collection, your call center will have more insights into the customer experience. You can analyze the available data from different systems and applications to improve the customer experience and anticipate what your customers need. This improves customer retention because every customer wants more positive interactions and experiences.


Omnichannel communication is optimizing call centers’ workflows and workforce. When your business can offer customers numerous channels of communication, you improve their experiences because they can communicate the way they want. The days of having to speak with every customer over the phone are over. You can now communicate via chat, email, text, and many other methods.

Solution Architect at ATSG, Carlos Lopez, observed that with omnichannel communication, your call center will greatly enhance the customer experience:

“It’s about letting the customer reach the company in any form of communication that the customer wishes to use. If they want to use voice, they can. [Same goes] if they want to use chat, email, [or] SMS. This could depend on what the customer [is] trying to accomplish.”

With omnichannel access, your customer will have the ability to communicate in the most optimal way for their goals, which improves their experiences and enhances your workflow.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Workflow and Security

Artificial intelligence enables your call center to serve more customers while also optimizing the workflow of your human agents. AI can help customers with solutions that may not require a human representative, which enables your team to focus on more complex problems.. This creates a more seamless workflow in your call center and further enhances your customer’s experience.

The use of AI also empowers your human representatives to serve more customers because your company can address inquiries without necessarily having to redirect them to a human agent. Additionally, AI technology also offers businesses proactive outreach to make the customer experience even easier.

AI technology also enhances your call center’s security by requiring voice biometrics. In the future, you can expect call centers to utilize voice biometrics rather than the standard question and answer solutions that countless businesses have used for years. Voice biometrics captures the voiceprint of customers which includes subtle nuances that are hard to emulate. It’s harder to copy a person’s voice than steal their information that could be used as an answer to a security question.

Additionally, virtual agents can use artificial intelligence-powered by Google Cloud CCAI to respond to customer inquiries and offer self-service solutions.

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