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To address the evolving security requirements of the market, consumers need a holistic solution that proactively identifies threats before they occur. ATSG Managed Security Services for Endpoints, leverages our state-of-the-art cloud-based managed security solution, incorporating Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints, to provide greater visibility and control at the edge to address potential malware, virus, exploits and evasion threats before they penetrate your systems. Our solution protects the extended network before, during, and after an attack by providing continuous detection and retrospective alerting, proactive threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and enterprise capabilities to proactively defend against, and rapidly respond to and remediate, you can address today’s most advanced attacks.

Managed Security Services for Endpoints can be broken down into comprehensive lifecycle phases before, during and after an attack takes place. Your security disposition plays a critical role in credibly and safely helping you unlock the opportunities created by the digital economy and new business models. To be effective, security needs to be pervasive, easy to deploy, and simple to maintain. Before an attack, the Advanced Malware protection (AMP) uses context-rich global threat intelligence to strengthen network defenses. During an attack, our solution couples this intelligence with known file signatures and dynamic malware analysis to identify and block malware trying to infiltrate the network. After an attack, we provide a recorded history of all file activity, providing security teams with unmatched visibility and control into their environments. The ATSG managed solution goes beyond traditional point-in-time detection capabilities to deliver retrospective alerting and dynamic malware analysis to stop known and unknown malware from slipping through defenses. Even after files traverse a security control point, we continuously monitor and analyze all file activity and traffic (regardless of the file’s disposition) on endpoints, mobile devices, and in the network, recording their every move. If a file with an unknown or previously deemed “good” disposition starts exhibiting malicious behavior, AMP will instantly alert security teams with a retrospective alert and an indication of compromise, and provide visibility into exactly what happened. We can see the complete ancestry of that threat—where the malware came from, where it has been, what systems were affected, and what the threat is doing now. This retrospective capability—to record the activity of every file on your system and then roll back time to see the origin of a potential threat and the behavior it exhibited—equips security teams with the visibility to quickly identify a threat, and the control to stop it. They can drastically reduce the time to discover, contain, and remediate malware (even zero-day attacks), and prevent similar attacks from happening again.

The digital world is outpacing current infrastructure and systems, ATSG enables you to secure your environment so you can keep pace with mission critical changes and prevent and reduce attacks from occurring again.

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