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Managed services, and the role, scope and relationship of the service provider, continue to evolve with the pressure to do more with less increasing exponentially, combined with the plethora of choices in today’s marketplace. This paradigm is driving a fundamental shift in IT; offering opportunities for modern organizations to digitally transform their environments like never before. But what does that really mean to today’s enterprise? With automation, analytics, optimization, cloud, mobility and the overall “as a Service” movement creating a phenomenon that leaves many organizations unsure of how to move their business forward, the optimal path that they should take to achieve the best business results possible can indeed be a slippery slope.

To address the ever-changing dynamics of the market, buyer’s need to realize that this choice is not a one-time action or discrete event. It is a long-term goal that is both complex and difficult to achieve alone. That is why ATSG is redefining the managed services landscape through our Technology Solutions as Service portfolio.

Technology Solutions as Service provides enterprises with the opportunity to procure a broad spectrum of services and solutions in a consumption based/OpEx model. This “as a Service” package provides various combinations of hardware, software, cloud, support, security, operative and project-based services, applied to endpoints, applications and infrastructure alike, which a client can consume over time in a logical, recurring service model. These service components can be combined and consumed in many ways to address the specific strategy of the business, be it rapid expansion, cost optimization, new products, quality of service and/or new digital processes. Additionally, Technology Solutions as a Service is powered by our ATSG Intelligent IT (Ai2) framework and can be scaled from a specific standalone service up to a complete IT outsourcing foundation. No matter what the client chooses, a defined scope of work, associated costs, and the activities performed with associated service commitments are all defined in advance so there is no guessing on what they have procured and the benefits they will receive. In other words, complete transparency and flexibility with defined features, functions, service levels and outcomes.

The ability for ATSG to engage the marketplace with Technology Solutions as a Service is bringing true clarity, efficacy and making a profound impact on the mission critical role of IT throughout the enterprise. Gone are the days where basic outsourcing provided you with the potential luxury of one-time cost reductions; today’s market no longer values that approach. An optimized, digital-first operation, with built-in agility and quality, delivered in a consumption-based model is required to drive tangible improvements each and every day. A truly perceptive service provider pushes that thoughtful innovation, driving benefits to their clients to meet their specific goals and objectives. The “as a Service” approach provides the ultimate experience, with collaboratively defined governance to rapidly achieve desired results.

The landscape is being redefined, and ATSG is leading the way.

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