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Is Your Company Owning the Modern Digital Workplace at the Board Level

Board rooms today have a lot to think about.

They’re likely hearing all the overall business benefits of a modern digital workplace from their CEO’s, CIO’s, even their employees. The idea intrigues them – after all, they are device users themselves – yet they’re still concerned about the economics of a digital transformation.

They are also concerned about sharing their data on cloud-based platforms and the breath of cybersecurity. In May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) significantly changed the scope of data privacy and security for European Union (EU) member states. For U.S. companies that collect, store, process and destroy the personal data of EU citizens, compliance is mandatory. In addition, GDPR legislation is changing the culture of many companies globally. When data records are either lost or stolen at the rate of 272,670 every hour and the threat of cyber-attack is one of the biggest fears of companies in 79 countries, the need to highly secure every technology endpoint and every end user’s device access while maintaining mobility, flexibility and productivity in every user’s experience is top-of-mind for key stakeholders. Cybersecurity is no longer the responsibility of IT alone.

Digital Workplace as a Service, the all-inclusive subscription-based endpoint technology solution fully managed by ATSG, not only defines a new “as a service” model for enterprises that enables superior productivity and user experience, reduces total cost of ownership with full lifecycle management capabilities, it better secures the entire enterprise. Your spectrum of devices and applications are always monitored and remediated rapidly. Greenlighting this managed service will also accelerate the digital transformation of your enterprise.

What are the Goals of the Digital Workplace?

A recent report identifies five goals of a digital workplace strategy that early adopters are embracing:

  • 40% point to revenue growth
  • 40% say a company can gain a competitive advantage
  • 40% believe a digital workplace strategy will improve business processes
  • 37% think all stakeholders can accelerate decision-making
  • 33% are most excited about improving employee productivity

As a board member, you must decide if digital transformation fits into your company culture. If your company is not interested is staying current with the latest in technology; if the board doesn’t really value the most current end point devices and digital workplace; if your IT department likes to buy the cheapest assets and use them as long as they can, until they’re three or four generations old, without a care about the consequences to work productivity and data security … then Digital Workplace as a Service is not for you. The economics won’t work and your culture won’t be a good fit. You’ll also forfeit the competitive advantages of a robust digital transformation.

Does This Outdated Scenario Sound Familiar to You?

Your company has 25,000 desktops at the corporate office. Your CIO wants to outsource the entire end user computing environment for a desktop refresh. They ask the managed IT service provider to buy all those assets and make them part of a three- or five-year outsourcing deal. From the provider’s perspective, a desktop outsourcing deal like this can raise havoc with financing, inventory management, depreciation and overall economics.

This is the way it used to be. With Digital Workplace as a Service, the assets are never acquired by your enterprise to start, so no buyout is required. You benefit from a pure subscription model, the modern incarnation of how to provide a “desktop refresh” in a flexible, more sophisticated, digitally-enabled way that’s the most secure available, easier to consume and more cost effective to provide. It almost sounds too good to be true, although this is the wave of the future for desktop outsourcing.

advanced technology

If you’re one of 67% of executives who believe advanced technologies are essential for business today, then you understand how important it is to know the competitive differentiators among advanced technologies or services and how they can transform your operations. Invite your CEO’s, CIO’s and security professionals to provide details on better data protection and security in terms of risk management, stock price and the bottom line. When it comes to cybersecurity, realize that refocusing the budget on detection, resiliency and rapid recovery is the smart advantage; that the cost effectiveness of a digital transformation in just one service away: Digital Workplace as a Service.

ATSG – Transforming the customer experience through tech-enabled managed services

Today’s choices for mobility, cloud, infrastructure, communications, applications and operations are mission-critical for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. ATSG is leading the transformation into Technology Solutions as a Service with our tech-enabled managed services portfolio and a commitment to digital innovation, delivery excellence and client intimacy. Recognized by industry leaders and industry-leading publications, ATSG has 25 years of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences that directly result in competitive advantage, cost-saving efficiencies, growth and tangible business results. Visit, and call 1.914.517.2919 or visit one of our five NY Tri-State locations today for more information.

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