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ATSG Recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for MNS >>

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IT departments are accumulating more responsibilities, and constantly trying to do more with less. The “as a service” business model has brought revolutionary organizational changes. In particular, Network as a Service (NaaS) has saved organizations from establishing their own in-house network infrastructures.

NaaS also enabled businesses to rely on third-party vendors to provide efficient network setup, integration, and management services. As organizations deploy more IT solutions, the importance of a well-managed network becomes even more critical for digital transformation. In enterprises today, employees, customers, and business experts rely on seamless access to resilient networks for efficiency.


Exploring Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network as a service (NaaS) is a subscription-based business model for delivering company-wide area network services. It helps with configuring and operating routers and communication protocols. NaaS solutions can be customized according to the enterprise’s needs, such as ultra-secure connections or just simple configurations. NaaS minimizes the time and expense of training your own workforce and investing in hardware infrastructure.

With the rise of remote work and flexible working environments, organizations are in a continuous hunt to make apt digital and IT infrastructure changes. IT experts are pushed to adopt scalable and secure NaaS models that can deliver resilience across the organization.

NaaS Grows to Become an Enterprise Essential

Post Covid-19, organizations have set targets for achieving digital transformation success. IT experts look into network prototypes that are scalable, agile, and effective. Recent surveys have shown that organizations opting for network management solutions were able to better align themselves with their defined business goals and advanced technologies.

72% of the surveyed respondents believed robust network management was the top priority for achieving good network development. Equipped network systems and skilled IT teams are the main components of attaining these changes. Research showed that almost 100% of the technology experts were aware of NaaS, and 86% had discussed or implemented NaaS within their organizations.

NaaS Identification and Implementation

There are multiple reasons why identifying and implementing NaaS has been a part of enterprise discussions and boardroom conversations. Many organizations are discovering how NaaS is what they need to fulfill their organizational objectives and steadily grow the business.

Here are a few compelling benefits of robust network management solutions for deploying enterprises:-

Flexible Work Environment:-

Organizations focus on producing flexible environments at workplaces for employees, especially their IT teams. This situation makes NaaS an indispensable solution for business growth. NaaS gives enterprises the ability to operate and manage networks and services without any infrastructure involved. NaaS is provided through cloud infrastructures, which gives organizations room to scale up or down, according to their requirements. According to IT experts, NaaS is an effectivecost-efficient, and operationally advanced network model for organizations today.

Security and Risk Management:-

With news of data, network, and security breaches constantly making headlines, network security, and risks are a huge concern for businesses and even regulators. In this context, NaaS is a great way to implement stringent policies and develop strong network security systems. Outsourcing NaaS can produce efficient and effective security services through subject matter experts. Outsourcing to reliable service providers, with strong network management credentials, can help organizations gain NaaS and security services combined. This ensures the organization is in safe hands, and up to date from all aspects.

ATSG (Optanix) – A Gartner Recognized Managed Network Services Provider

NaaS is pivotal for organizations in order to cover rapid ground on the road to digital transformation. However, outsourcing network management to reliable solutions providers, like ATSG (Optanix), has been the top recommendation by IT experts. After two consistent years of being recognized as a “Challenger”, in 2020 and 2021, ATSG Optanix was finally recognized in 2022 as a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed Network Services (MNS).

ATSG’s MNS offers integrated organizational approaches that combine people, processes, and technology into a service and fully integrated solution. As a global leader in digital transformation and technology solutions, ATSG provides a proactive and predictive network management system. ATSG offers a wide array of cutting-edge network management capabilities, whether it is your network’s setup, integration, monitoring, or optimization.

Conclusively, network setup and integration can be a costly and time-consuming task, which is why opting for NaaS is an efficient way for organizations to digitally transform. As digital evolution changes the dynamics of work environments, NaaS will continue to trend as a bond to connect an organization to the best possible network systems out there. Outsourcing NaaS to organizations, such as ATSG, can promise efficiency, innovation, flexibility, and security, at a fraction of the cost incurred on doing all this in-house. Implementing NaaS has an empowering effect across the organization, resulting in a much-needed competitive advantage.

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