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How Using an MSP Can Strengthen Your IT Security

With cyberattacks increasing in frequency and sophistication, cybercriminals are finding cheaper and easier points of entry into businesses every day.

To save money and prevent costly cyberattacks, businesses can turn to managed services providers (MSPs) for assistance with their IT security strategy. A managed service provider delivers services, such as network, application, infrastructure, and security, using ongoing monitoring, regular support, and active administration. Turning to an MSP will allow organizations to increase protection against cybersecurity threats.

A Layered Approach Will Save Time

Last year’s events caused many organizations to shift operations, leaving many with a minimal cybersecurity framework in place. But traditional cybersecurity tools are not effective enough against the evolving threat landscape. A modern IT security strategy requires more than just basic network protection technologies, it requires prevention. Network Monitoring, Comprehensive Network Management, and Social Engineering are some of the services that provide the first layer of security to your network.

Proactive Approaches Avoid Downtime

Using an MSP will also help in times of crisis. Rather than waiting for a compromise of the organization’s network, utilizing an MSP is a proactive approach to maintenance. By using remote monitoring and management to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot potential problems before they ever have a chance to become an issue, MSPs are able to better prevent network downtime, which can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour.

Having a properly documented business contingency plan for all areas of the organization’s strategy is necessary. MSP’s have access to cloud technologies and advanced skillsets that drive this for the current and future strategy.

Outsourcing IT Will Save Money

Finally, using an MSP will save you money by preventing organizations from having to maintain difficult skillsets, which can be costly. By hiring an MSP, you’ll have access to specialized knowledge and industry experience that monitors your IT environment, endpoint devices, and technical operations center to provide the scale, coverage, and quality of service required.

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