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Organizations are looking to adopt new patterns to accelerate the transformation of workplace technologies. In the post pandemic era, digital technologies are leading this bandwagon. As employees settle into remote working styles, IT leaders must prepare ways to cater to their needs through a digital workplace.

Digital workplaces adequately prepare their organizations for the future of work, which lies in hybrid and remote work models. This includes flexibility to productivity, and employee satisfaction to accountability. Woodbridge, the senior director analyst at Gartner stated, “employees want to enjoy their work more, get it done faster and at the same time improve the quality of work.”



A properly planned and orchestrated digital workplace helps the deploying enterprise achieve all these desired objectives, in an effective and cost efficient manner. The best thing about Digital Workplaces is, deploying organizations need not have the in-house technical capabilities to pull this off. Now, there are highly specialized Digital Workplace solutions providers, like ATSG, which bring decades of experience to the table.

Evaluating a Digital Workplace Transformation

Digital transformation has been an “overhauling business strategy” and procedure that incorporates digital solutions. Organizations have adopted some form of digital environments, every now and then. However, integrating a wide range of these diverse capabilities into a modern digital workplace is a pressing employee need.

Why Adopt Digital Workplace Tools and Solutions?

The modern business landscape is continuously experiencing change, which necessitates organizations to adapt accordingly. There are several reasons why adopting a digital workplace to enhance the employee experience is vital.




  • Empowering the Workforce:-

Companies with strong digital cultures have employees that feel empowered in their respective roles. This leads to engagement between the employees, which results in higher satisfaction and better productivity.

  • Customer Experience (CX):-

An engaged workforce results in improved customer services and experiences. The happier the employees, the better their performance in satisfying customer needs and expectations.

  • Advanced Security:-

Digital workplaces facilitate remote and hybrid work, which inevitably increases the overall threat surface. Digital workplaces invest in strong digital security systems and protocols to ensure that company data, endpoint devices and workloads are safe.

  • Decision-Making:-

As companies heavily rely on data collection, digital workplaces offer a wide range of data analysis systems and tools. To gather actionable business insights, organizations utilize data, and end up making informed decisions about their operations and procedures.

How to Achieve Satisfying Digital Workplace Outcomes?

While no two organizations have the same outline for their digital workplace strategy, it is imperative to implement the following components. These three ideas can collaboratively produce successful outcomes in terms of digital employee experiences (DEX).

  • A Tech Strategy with Radical Flexibility:-

Technology plays a significant role in enabling radical flexibility. This was amply demonstrated during the early days of the pandemic, when organizations adopted innovative tools for remote collaboration and communication. This gives them the flexibility to work from anywhere, and provides employees with seamless access to all services.

  • Minimize Distractions Caused by Digital Friction:- 

Due to the increasing implementation of evolving technologies and applications, employees faced an overwhelming amount of data. This burden distracted the workforce from core strategies and projects. Clarifying what are the best possible tools and configurations, and deploying intelligent data collectors to tackle these challenges is of paramount importance, to minimize implementation bottlenecks.

  • Democratize Technology to Construct a Smarter Workplace:-

Organizations need to focus on tools that revamp the way work gets done. Enterprises need to invest in tools that include development, automation, analytics, and AI. Such advanced tools will act as key enablers for empowering employees with the best solutions. Organizations need to be aware of evolving technologies, to ensure they are up-to-date with the market competition.

Why Prefer ATSG’s Digital Workplace Solutions?

Organizations often face the challenge of implementing such changes within the company. This is why opting for professional service providers can solve this issue. ATSG’s digital workplace solutions offer best in class collaboration capabilities, IT services, and customizable processes.

ATSG’s highly trained and certified professionals can work on evaluating, managing and redesigning your organization’s IT environment. ATSG offers multiple services that enhance the overall employee satisfaction. Our well rounded portfolio of Digital Workplace services includes Enterprise Service Desk, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Site and Field Services, and DEX services.

Conclusively, adopting digital workplace strategies that improve the overall employee experience is the key to success. Organizations need to find the right balance of productive and secure work environments. Adopting smart technologies, flexible digital cultures and effective methods to get work done can encourage employees to perform outstandingly.

To meet the diverse needs of a modern enterprise workforce, opting for industry leading technology and IT solutions providers, like ATSG, can really “save the day”.

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