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Hybrid working environments have been the new norm for almost every industry, especially post-pandemic. Developing remote or hybrid working policies required multiple industries to adopt innovative technology solutions that can help maintain productivity and efficiency. The global Hospitality industry, in recent years, has taken a turn towards digitalization and technological solutions to revamp its services.

One of the main technologies that acted as an agent of this change was Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This cloud computing solution incorporated , agility and flexibility in its operations to help hospitality providing organizations reap multiple benefits.

How is the Hospitality Industry Reimaging Digital Transformation via DaaS Solutions?

Advantages of Implementing Hybrid Work in the Hospitality Industry

The concept of hybrid work in the hospitality industry has multiple benefits for organizations and remote workforces. The following list explores the main advantages of implementing technological solutions in the hospitality industry.

Evolving Workforce Demands

With fast-paced changes across businesses and industries, workforces that are moving to remote and hybrid working models demand flexibility and seamless access to the various productivity resources.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Developing hybrid working models for employees to adopt, encourages hospitality businesses to provide the environment and the comfort of being able to do work in a well maintained and appropriately serviced location.

Increased Efficiency

Disruptive environments make employees lag behind in productivity and improvements. However, with hybrid work models, workforces can isolate themselves from distractions, and ensure that their workflow continues in a seamless manner.

Cost-saving Measures

Major benefits circulate around cost-efficiencies, where the organization saves costs of hardware and infrastructure, and hospitality businesses improve their revenue-generating sources.

What is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

DaaS is a high-performing, secure and cost-effective type of desktop virtualization. DaaS frees businesses from tethering their computer operations and productivity software to any physical hardware. This results in un-rivaled flexibility and agility.

Desktop as a service covers a range of desktop virtualization business models, where a service provider will manage the infrastructure and sometimes, the desktops themselves, as a service.

The benefits of DaaS offerings include:-

  • Simplified management
  • Increased flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Improved IT efficiency

How can DaaS support Hospitality Businesses?

With DaaS solutions, a business can gain insights to customer demands, preferences, and trends that change quite rapidly in the hospitality industry. This makes the industry evolve with the nature of consumers and technology as well. Keeping the industry up to date and optimized, the following key features prove why DaaS is a great solution for providers of hospitality services:-

How can DaaS support Hospitality Businesses?

Enhanced Remote Work Capabilities

Desktop as a service (DaaS) providers take the responsibility for remote desktop management from in-house IT teams. Through cloud hosted services, it becomes easier to move, patch, upgrade, and restore virtual desktops. This enables employees to work from any location, device, and network. Enhancing remote work can increase communication between the hospitality provider’s management and customers, implement robust business continuity (BC) plans, and achieve cost efficiency.

Streamlined IT Management

With most of the operations and processes automated through DaaS solutions, Hospitality providers can feature in becoming efficient in their industry standards, building automated workflows, protecting guest information, and maintaining secure payment protocols. Improving the IT processes can make the overall guest experience even better.

Flexibility and Seamless Deployment

With DaaS, hospitality businesses can leverage the data collected, and anticipate the demands and requirements of their customers. This helps them analyze their reactions and feedback almost in real-time, while maintaining their business objectives. The flexibility of shifting back and forth between customer demands and competitive growth can be easily achieved through a versatile solution like DaaS.

Scaling Operations

The hospitality industry is very seasonal, and the level of demand varies a lot. In such cases, organizations need flexible and scalable technologies like DaaS, to better conform with these variations. DaaS solutions provide on-the-go scalability to hospitality providers, scaling up or down according to seasonal demands.

Improving Data Security and Compliance

Hotel and hospitality industry deals with personal Information and other sensitive customer details that are confidential. Maintaining the sanctity of this information requires high-end security mechanisms and data protection. With DaaS, security protocols and firewalls establish a robust perimeter around consumer data. It encrypts all the information for maximum security and privacy.

Embracing the Future with DaaS

Today’s fast-moving world means that consumer-facing industries need to implement digital workplace solutions or lose to market competition. However, organizations like hoteling and hospitality providers often struggle to find the optimal resources and tools to help elevate their digital workplaces.

Leading technology solutions and managed services providers, like ATSG, save businesses the time and money by deploying highly effective and intelligent DaaS solutions that help achieve rapid, secure and sustainable digital transformation.

ATSG’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution has proven a prime element in the fulfillment of any organization’s technological needs. ATSG has a professional team of experts that evaluates your existing environment, identifies any technology gaps, and then creates an effective roadmap for success. The outcome of our technological expertise is a cloud desktop solution that provides an effective and secure virtual desktop environment. ATSG’s DaaS solutions are fully capable of eliminating multiple challenges.

The hospitality industry has much to gain from DaaS solutions. By leveraging these solutions, hotels, resorts and restaurants can reduce the costs associated with managing and maintaining their IT infrastructures, and improve the customer / guest experience, efficiency, and data security.

By leveraging industry leading DaaS Solutions from service providers like ATSG, hospitality businesses can seamlessly accommodate scalability and flexibility. This enables the industry to effectively meet the ever-changing demands of the market. DaaS solutions can help the hospitality industry remain competitive in this digital age.

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