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What Would It Take to Greenlight Digital Workplace as a Service?

Digital Workplace as a Service, the all-inclusive subscription-based endpoint technology solution fully managed by ATSG, gives you and your employees what you want in a modern digital workplace. You get predictable performance, security, service levels and costs for your choice of mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet devices, thick physical or thin virtual configurations plus software and peripheral technologies, all of them supported and refreshed on a regular schedule, for a monthly fee.

The question is, what would it take for you to greenlight an endpoint subscription for your enterprise? Certain business scenarios, use cases, pain points and budget concerns are prompting savvy management team members to re-think their digital sourcing options and consider technology solutions as a service, even at the boardroom level.  

Is Aging Technology Forcing Your Capital Budget to Dwindle?

If endpoint technology is obsolete or has simply stopped functioning efficiently, you are likely looking at a refresh. Only, the traditional refresh roll-out project can strain your capital budgets and without future proofing protections.  

Digital Workplace as a Service alleviates the capital constraints and technology obsolesce concerns. Rather than buying (and owning) all-new hardware and software, your subscription would significantly reduce or even eliminate the capital expenditure. In addition, without the need for a refresh rollout every couple of years, you’d be saving time while keeping your workforce the most productive possible with regularly refreshed devices.

These benefits also extend to technology lifecycle management as well, everything from the sourcing and procurement of the technology right through deployment, operations, green disposition and refresh, including fully managed desktop options.

With a subscription to Digital Workplace as a Service, ATSG takes on the burden of the entire program for the client with one monthly fee:

  • All procurement and sourcing
  • All upfront staging, imaging and configuration
  • All deployment of both devices and software
  • All secure access and support
  • All replenish and refresh

We like to say, “It’s baked right in.” Think about it. The devices and technology are no longer owned as assets by your enterprise. Our modern digital workplace is a complete service where you don’t have to worry about how the outset is bought, utilized, fixed and refreshed.

How is the Changing Nature of Your Workforce Affecting Your Business?

With a modern digital workplace comes a modern workforce that appreciates mobility and flexibility in where and how they work as well as device customization. The next generation of mobile worker has totally embraced the “everything-as-a-service” model in their daily lives, so they expect it in their work life, now.

everything as a service

To explain this ubiquitous trend, industry thought leaders point to a convergence of tech innovations such as a mature internet, the availability of high speed networks, broadband and virtual server operations that allow users to take advantage of powerful computing and tech-enabled solutions cost effectively.

The “as-a-service” model is baked right in to our modern digital workplace subscription, and the benefits are enormous:  

  • Lower costs
  • Improved scalability
  • Easier access to newly developed technologies
  • Almost instant availability of new digital business services
  • Freeing resources to focus on what you do best
  • Faster business response to market developments, which can enable larger profit margins
  • Better employee engagement and productivity

Is Security a Boardroom Level Concern at Your Enterprise?

For many companies, security is likely the number one hot topic in the boardroom with cybercrime at an all-time high in today’s business environment. The need to highly secure every technology endpoint and every end user’s device access while maintaining mobility, flexibility and productivity in every user’s experience is mission-critical. Most enterprises -if not all- are using a professionally managed security service to accomplish this mandatory requirement.

Managed security is baked right in to ATSG’s Digital Workplace as a Service (there it is again). You get the ability to manage a spectrum of devices and applications in a managed security service that’s incorporated into the user’s choice. Their devices are always monitored and remediated rapidly in today’s world of cyber-attacks – in an “as-a-service”, one monthly fee subscription.

Ready to greenlight?

ATSG – Transforming the customer experience through tech-enabled managed services

Today’s choices for mobility, cloud, infrastructure, communications, applications and operations are mission-critical for small, mid-sized and large enterprises alike. ATSG is leading the transformation into Technology Solutions as a Service with our tech-enabled managed services portfolio and a commitment to digital innovation, delivery excellence and client intimacy. Recognized by industry leaders and publications, ATSG has 25 years of operating history delivering exceptional client experiences that directly result in competitive advantage, cost-saving efficiencies, growth and tangible business results. Visit, or call 1.914.984.2400, or visit one of our five NY Tri-State locations today for more information.

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