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ATSG Recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for MNS >>

There always comes a time where many of us feel like work is a never-ending cycle. Our digital workplaces do not have to be “drowning in a sea” of apps and makeshift solutions, adding more stress to the mix. What we need is a change; a shift to an intelligent workplace.

Businesses that are looking for a seamless and productive user experience, need to start with optimizing IT infrastructure performance through robust digital workplace solutions.


In this blog, we discuss the technical intricacies of achieving just that, covering key strategies and best practices that businesses can implement to enhance their digital workplace efficiency.

Technical Considerations for Digital Workplace Optimization

Optimizing Network Bandwidth for a Digital Workplace

For today’s business, things like faster file transfers, smooth video conferencing, or instant access to Cloud resources sound great, but they are not possible without an un-interrupted digital workflow. To achieve this, businesses need to optimize network bandwidth.

A well-optimized network bandwidth not only enhances speed, but also reduces latency, creating an environment where your digital workplace truly thrives. To make this happen, businesses can incorporate advanced networking protocols and Quality of Service (QoS) techniques in their operations. These tools allow businesses to prioritize critical applications, making your network do most of the work for you, not the other way around.

Minimizing Cloud Latency for Remote Users

In an era today, where dispersed teams and remote collaborations are at all-time high, Cloud latency for remote users can be a productivity killer. This is why embracing technologies like content delivery networks (CDNs) and edge computing bring resources closer to remote users, slashing latency and enhancing the overall user experience.

Reduced latency will translate into optimization of the digital infrastructure, because faster access to data and applications will empower remote workers to perform at their best. It will help create a digital workplace where geographical boundaries can no longer be a hurdle, or an excuse for sluggish performance.

Best Practices for Endpoint Device Management

Endpoint device management is equally important for any Digital Workplace, because it ensures our devices are both secure and functioning smoothly. It all begins by controlling network access of the countless employee endpoint devices. Endpoint security solutions function as vigilant gatekeepers to permit only authorized devices inside the network. Businesses must also leverage specialized tools and rules to shield their devices from potential cyber risks.

Analyzing the User Experience (UX)

A complete optimization of your digital infrastructure is not complete without adopting a comprehensive approach. This involves leveraging analytics tools for real-time monitoring of the workforce. This collectively contributes to an efficient and seamlessly operating digital ecosystem.

Monitoring Digital Workplace Performance with Analytics Tools

It is important that businesses keep an eye on their digital workforce, and have a “digital radar” to monitor and evaluate if everything is on track. This can be done through analytic tools that offer a real-time view across your digital infrastructure.

Performance Benchmarking for Digital Collaboration Platforms

Performance benchmarking of digital collaboration platforms is like an industry’s compass, that guides businesses about teamwork, smooth communication, and seamless operations. The insights that come with rigorous benchmarking are really helpful for digital collaboration ecosystems.

Strategies for IT Infrastructure Optimization

Businesses must also work towards developing a solid game-plan, and multi-pronged strategies to optimize their IT Infrastructure. These strategies can help them navigate the complex digital landscape, and anticipate challenges that might hinder the flow and efficiency of their work.

Network Traffic Shaping Techniques for Digital Workplace:

This strategy can help businesses intelligently allocate bandwidth, prioritize mission-critical applications, and guarantee a seamless online environment. As a result, we get enhanced productivity and minimized disruption. This helps businesses create a solid foundation for cohesive and efficient digital workplaces.

Workload Balancing Strategies for Cloud-Based Applications:

Workload balancing helps enterprises efficiently distribute workloads across Cloud servers, and optimizes resource utilization. Together, these strategies not only elevate the digital infrastructure, but also fortify businesses to thrive in today’s challenging digital landscape.

I would eliminate all of the above and just focus on the below. I would simply add one or two paragraphs stating what an ideal digital workplace looks like: quality experience, uninterrupted bandwidth, easy access to necessary tools and programs, clear communication and collaboration…….ATSG is here to set you, your business, and your employees up for success.

Unlocking Peak IT Performance with ATSG’s Solutions

We have reached a point where a well-equipped Digital Workplace is something that will differentiate your enterprise from the others, and give you the much-needed competitive edge.

ATSG’s wide-array of Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology solutions are designed to revolutionize the digital experience of your enterprise, in a seamless and innovative manner.

Digital Workplace Mastery with ATSG

ATSG understands that an outstanding digital workplace is absolutely vital for exceptional end-user experiences, and efficient remote as well as hybrid working practices.

Rooted in this understanding, here are the four pillars of ATSG’s cutting edge digital workplace solutions:


1. Enterprise Service Desk

Experience un-paralleled IT service management with ATSG’s Enterprise Service Desk. It allows you to boost productivity through multi-channel interactions, self-help options, and robust ticket management. Plus, our global support ensures superior service quality, cost-effective assistance, and multi-lingual support, empowering users across all devices, no matter where they are.

2. Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Elevate your business with ATSG’s best-in-class Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions. Our DaaS offerings will help you seamlessly deploy secure virtual desktops and applications from the Cloud in minutes. You can also enjoy flat rate pricing, 24x7x365 technical support, and real-time scalability; all tailored to your needs. With our DaaS solutions, you can put the power of seamless and efficient IT operations, directly into your hands.

ATSG was also recognized as a Challenger in the first ever 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Desktop as a Service (DaaS). We believe this achievement speaks a lot about our capability to deploy and manage cutting edge DaaS solutions for enterprise clients.

3. Site & Field Services

ATSG’s expert field engineers bring quality onsite support globally. From same-day repairs to scheduled maintenance, our highly trained personnel ensure efficient service management. With a wide range of device support, we deliver exceptional onsite technical solutions for your equipment and applications.

4. Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Transform your workplace with ATSG’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solutions. We go beyond IT, overseeing the entire employee lifecycle, optimizing collaboration tools and ensuring robust device security. With our support available 24x7x365, we empower your employees to work from any location, at any time.

ATSG’s Leading Managed Network Services (MNS)

Our expertise also include proactive network monitoring, management and security, ensuring a robust and secure digital infrastructure. For the second consecutive year, ATSG has been recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed Network Services (MNS). We believe this milestone reaffirms our dedication to providing outstanding network management capabilities, and ground-breaking technology solutions that propel businesses forward.

Powering our MNS capabilities is the ATSG OPTX™ Platform – a game-changer in proactive network monitoring and management. This intelligent platform leverages advanced technologies for real-time insights, predictive analytics and robust security protocols. ATSG OPTX™ ensures that your network operates at peak performance, addressing issues before they impact mission critical operations.

ATSG’s Digital Workplace solutions seamlessly integrate with our MNS capabilities, creating a synergy that delivers optimal IT infrastructure visibility, performance, management, and security.

Trust ATSG for delivering cutting-edge Managed IT Services, Intelligent Technology Solutions, and Cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions to optimize your digital infrastructure.

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