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It is quite evident that the nature of work structures is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Adapting to this change is not a matter of choice, rather a necessity for any business seeking to thrive. And for that to happen, businesses must have seamless connectivity, robust security and instant access to data as well as other digital resources.

This is why necessity, “the mother of invention”, has propelled businesses into the realm of desktop virtualization; a vital conduit for exceptional business services and memorable customer experiences (CX).

In this blog, we explore how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), is set to transform businesses and become a key driver of enterprise productivity and efficiency.


Enhancing Productivity with VDI

In today’s hybrid work settings, enhanced productivity is a huge selling point of VDI deployments, be it Cloud based DaaS, or on-premise virtualization solutions. The following points highlight how virtualized desktop solutions enhance the overall productivity of businesses.

  • Firstly, by centralizing the management and deployment of virtual desktops, it becomes quite easy for IT administrators to efficiently manage, update and patch software applications. This way, businesses can also make sure that all users are “on the same page”.
  • Secondly, with the power of DaaS, collaboration and data sharing becomes a “breeze” for enterprises. Employees can seamlessly work together on projects, accessing and exchanging files effortlessly in real-time.
  • Moreover, the flexibility provided by Cloud-based VDI enables employees to access their virtual desktops from any location. This freedom eliminates barriers, and fosters innovation by enabling on-the-go work.
  • Additionally, businesses get reduced downtime and increased availability through DaaS solutions. This helps businesses work un-interrupted, maximizing their output and productivity.


Ensuring Robust Data Security and Privacy

Today, data security is just as important for businesses as overall productivity. And both Cloud-based DaaS and on-premise VDI deployments deliver in this regard with robust protection. It all depends on businesses that which virtualization technology they opt for, depending on their distinctive requirements and available IT resources.

Data Centralization and Protection

In terms of data security, both DaaS and on-premise VDI excel in centralizing and protecting data within secure environments. DaaS has a slight edge over on-premise VDI solutions, as it takes data security to new heights by storing it in highly secure data centers. These are managed by trusted Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), with multi-layered security.

The data centers of DaaS providers are equipped with state-of-the-art defenses, like firewalls and intrusion detection systems, ensuring your data remains impenetrable. On the other hand, if your business values full control over data storage, on-premise VDI can be your go-to solution.

Strong Encryption and Robust Access Controls

Encryption and access controls also play a critical role in data security for both DaaS and on-premise VDI. These security measures help businesses exercise granular level control over resource and data accessibility, regardless of the chosen deployment model.

Compliance with Industry Regulations and Standards

Moreover, compliance with industry regulations is another must-have feature for businesses handling sensitive data. DaaS providers deliver compliance by adhering to stringent regulations, like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By teaming up with a DaaS provider, your enterprise also consequently becomes compliant. On the flip side, on-premise VDI requires businesses to indigenously implement compliance measures to uphold respective industry standards.

Scalability and Flexibility

Now we address the need for businesses to have flexibility and scalability in the era of fluctuating workloads and changing user demands. And for that, DaaS takes the center stage. With DaaS, businesses get to adjust their IT resources on the fly, scaling up or down as needed, without the headache of additional hardware investments (CapEx).

On-premise VDI, on the other hand, has its own set of considerations. While it may not boast the same level of scalability as DaaS, it does offer a solid foundation for businesses with specific infrastructure requirements.

The problem arises when businesses want to rapidly expand VDI, as they have to incur huge up-front investments in additional hardware. And remember, most VDI environments operate near peak capacities, and leave little room for growth, without the addition of more hardware resources.

Cost-Effectiveness of VDI Solutions

Now, let’s talk about one of the most important areas of running a business cost effectively. The need for businesses to have extensive hardware investments, and the associated maintenance costs is eliminated, all thanks to Cloud-powdered DaaS solutions. A simple monthly pay-as-you-go subscription model lets businesses enjoy the benefits of a fully managed virtual desktop solution. The fact that generally obsolete IT resources are freed-up is another bonus of DaaS.

Leading DaaS Providers Revolutionizing Cloud VDI

When we talk about Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions, one name that stands out as a leading provider is ATSG. With its cutting-edge Managed Services and Intelligent Technology solutions, coupled with an un-wavering commitment to customer success, ATSG has established its reputation as a top player in the Cloud VDI solutions.

ATSG allows businesses to free your enterprise from the shackles of traditional IT infrastructure, and unlock immense potential with exceptional availability and uptime. With ATSG’s DaaS solutions, businesses can also rest easy, knowing that their cyber security posture is in good hands.

In addition, ATSG’s DaaS solutions go above and beyond, addressing the most pressing concerns of businesses. By entrusting their desktop management to ATSG, enterprises can liberate their resources and focus on what truly matters, and that is driving growth and innovation. ATSG’s team of experts takes charge of the provisioning, maintenance, patching and security of the virtual desktop environment, ensuring a seamless user experience and peace of mind.

Another notable Cloud-based virtual desktop provider is Amazon Work Spaces (AWS) that unites enterprise workforces in a secure and shared environment. Businesses can harness the power of Operating Systems (OS), storage, applications and compute resources akin to traditional physical desktops. Like ATSG’s DaaS solutions, AWS also aims to enhance collaboration and productivity for businesses, providing a flexible and secure workspace for teams to thrive.

Finally, let’s discuss Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), a virtualization solution provided by Microsoft that allows businesses to harness the potential of their Windows desktop experience in a virtual environment. WVD delivers enhanced collaboration and enables easy remote access, which are important for modern enterprises.


Desktop virtualization technology has really helped many businesses prosper and thrive in a lot of ways. Be it enhanced productivity, better data security, un-paralleled scalability or flexibility, desktop virtualization has truly become an indispensable solution for businesses looking to improve their bottom-line.

So, whether you are “craving” the flexibility and scalability of Desktop as a Service (DaaS), or the infrastructure control of on-premise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), there is a virtual desktop solution waiting to elevate your business to new heights.

Contact ATSG for more details on how we can digitally transform your enterprise with our class leading Managed Services and Intelligent Technology solutions that span across Digital Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Digital Workplace and Collaboration & Client Experience.

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