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We live in an era of boundless connectivity, where businesses thrive on the possibilities offered by the internet. However, there is a group of miscreants lurking in the shadows, that sees the internet as its playground; Cybercriminals. Unfortunately, no sector is safe from their clutches, though some find themselves more vulnerable to their “sinister designs”.

Take the manufacturing industry, for instance. Technological wonders, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices have made manufacturing a “well-oiled machine”, with streamlined operational efficiency. But here’s the twist; these very systems, in their quest for perfection, have in-advertently also opened their doors to cybercriminals.

Boosting the Cybersecurity of Manufacturing Sector with DaaS Solutions


These cybercriminals are not content with just a simple data heist. They rather set their sights on the manufacturing sector, as it holds the power to create chaos on a massive scale, with implications that reach far beyond the factory floor.

The good news is, there are many powerful and innovative tools that help manufacturers address these challenges. One such tool is Cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions.

In this blog, we discuss how DaaS solutions can provide a “safe haven” for the manufacturing sector, where sensitive data and processes can be shielded from prying eyes, and potential cyberattacks.

The Role of DaaS in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector must realize that the world is advancing rapidly, regardless of whether their IT departments are prepared to keep up, or not. In order to keep up, they must embrace DaaS solutions in their operations, ensuring they are always powered by the latest Operating Systems (OS), software and applications.

The idea of always having the latest OS and applications at our fingertips is incredibly appealing. But DaaS offers so much more. It provides manufacturing companies with built-in business continuity (BC), ensuring they do not lose precious time, money or opportunities, if their on-site server fails.

DaaS also offers the opportunity to reduce operating (OpEx) and capital costs (CapEx), while empowering the workforce to be productive from anywhere. This is something that is just too good to pass up. In short, DaaS is not just an IT solution, it is rather a strategic tool for long-term success of enterprises associated with manufacturing.

Security Measures in DaaS

Now, let’s talk about cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector. Here, the efforts of in-house IT support teams are commendable, but they do face an uphill task. The truth is, their security measures pale in comparison to the cutting-edge technologies deployed by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). They offer DaaS solutions that are specifically designed for the manufacturing industry.

DaaS providers effectively shift the burden of security from individual devices, and place it in a robust data center infrastructure that is built with the highest levels of protection. It is crucial for businesses to realize that hiring just one IT security professional, to protect their entire in-house systems, would be quite expensive, especially for small to medium sized manufacturing companies. In contrast, top-tier CSPs offer comprehensive security measures, at a much more affordable cost.

In addition, DaaS providers ensure regulated and secure access to all digital resources, by adopting the following resilient security measures.

  • Regular backups
  • Strong encryption
  • Zero trust network architecture (ZTNA)
  • Multi-factor user authentication (MFA)
  • Layered Application Security
  • And Much more

The Benefits of DaaS for Manufacturing

With Cloud desktops, the game has changed for manufacturing companies. In the following points, we highlight some of the benefits of adopting DaaS for the manufacturing industry.

The Benefits of DaaS for Manufacturing

Data Redundancy

With DaaS, a manufacturing company gains peace of mind, knowing its valuable data is protected against server failures or other natural disasters. Stored securely offsite, or across multiple data centers, redundant backups ensure continuous access to data, even in the face of unforeseen events or disruptions.

High Availability

In the manufacturing industry, ensuring un-interrupted access to crucial data is essential. With DaaS solutions, manufacturers can break free from the constraints of the office, and access their business information remotely. Whether on a smartphone, laptop or tablet, users can enjoy a consistent desktop experience from anywhere, at anytime.

Round-the-Clock Support

IT disruptions can hinder productivity for any industry, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. With Cloud-powered DaaS solutions, the manufacturing firms also get access to dedicated teams of experts, available at all times, for round-the-clock support. This way, they can quickly address IT related issues, and receive prompt assistance, enabling smooth workflows and minimal disruptions.

Cost Savings

That’s not it, as businesses can also get rid of the expenses associated with physical desktops and servers, software licenses, upgrades and constant IT support. With Cloud desktop services, manufacturers can save big, and optimize their budgets as well.


In an industry where the stakes are already quite high, and the consequences of a security breach could be devastating, it is crucial for manufactures to make prudent choices to protect their operations. This is why embracing the security measures offered by Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is not just a smart move, but a compelling one too.

Besides, it is always better to safeguard your valuable assets, and gain a strategic advantage, that sets you apart in this fiercely competitive market. And for that, the manufacturing sector must consider Cloud-based DaaS solutions, and thrive securely.

For the highly inter-connected and time-sensitive manufacturing sector, ATSG empowers your business to stay ahead of the competition, by offering robust DaaS solutions fortified with multi-layered security “baked-in”.

Whether its Cybersecurity Strategy Formulation, and Layered Application Security, ATSG has got you covered with best in class solutions. With ATSG’s robust cybersecurity capabilities, manufacturing companies can effectively prevent costly and disruptive down-time, while ensuring un-interrupted operations and valuable “peace of mind”.

Contact ATSG for cutting-edge Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions, Cybersecurity solutions, Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology solutions for manufacturing companies.

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