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In the current competitive market, the selection of the right IT infrastructure might just be the key “differentiating factor” that sets an enterprise apart from its competitors. In addition to this, the ongoing economic uncertainty dictates businesses turn towards value-oriented IT solutions that do not require heavy spending.


Keeping these factors in mind, many enterprises have been turning towards Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, as an economical Cloud-based alternative to their on-premise, legacy environments. One of the biggest selling points for IaaS is that it drastically slashes enterprises’ hardware-related capital expenditure (CapEx), and the related overheads.

The Compelling Advantages of IaaS Solutions

The recent popularity of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) speaks a lot about its benefits and improved use cases for businesses. A few of these positive outcomes are mentioned below.


1. Robust Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC)

IaaS solutions also help businesses have a proactive and robust DR strategy. This reduces the probability of unnecessary downtime and ensures faster Business Continuity (BC).

A robust DR and BC posture is extremely important for larger enterprises, as their locations and operations could be scattered over different locations. Any major disruption in one part of a large enterprise can put smooth operations elsewhere in serious jeopardy.

2. Hassle-free Management and Maintenance

Another benefit of IaaS is that it can be viewed as “rented hardware”. The IaaS providers usually take care of all the infrastructure components, which include updates, maintenance, patch management, etc. This feature works in the favor of large enterprises, as they prefer to channel these resources on rapid market penetration and expansion. Most enterprises are of the view that if they can expand their customer base rapidly, down the road, they would have ample resources to upgrade the various components of their IT environments. This not only lowers maintenance and upgrade costs but also eliminates the stress related to physical infrastructure components.

3. Robust Cybersecurity Posture

Reliable IaaS providers, like ATSG, put significant efforts into securing both the infrastructure and data of the deploying enterprise. With IaaS solutions, businesses of all shapes and forms can take advantage of the IaaS provider’s security experts. They minimize the risks associated with possible data breaches, malware infections, and other cybersecurity threats.

This can be extremely beneficial for some larger enterprises, as they could be facing difficulties in achieving a robust cyber security posture, entirely on their own.

4. Better Accessibility and Data Recovery

Today, it is justified to assume that access is just as crucial for businesses, as efficiency or security. In IaaS, data can be stored in the Cloud, making it readily accessible from any location with an endpoint device. This gives greater flexibility to cross-functional business teams of enterprises, as they can access data and infrastructure from virtually anywhere.

Moreover, with Cloud-powered storage, changes made from different locations, by various team members, are seamlessly synchronized, in real-time. This allows the data to be backed up in the Cloud, and easily retrieved with an internet connection.

5. Cost Optimization  

Normally, when businesses are in the start-up phase, they are usually restricted by limited budgets. In the case of large enterprises though, budget is not a constraint, but some may still adopt a more cautious approach in the early days of the business. At times, it just does not seem economically viable for them to inject huge sums into the development, installation, and maintenance of physical, on-premise IT infrastructure.

For them, IaaS provides a cost-efficient alternative by offering virtualized servers that can be scaled, up or down, as per demand. This aligns IT-related expenses with usage, minimizing both up-front costs and resource wastage.

Streamline Your IT Infrastructure with ATSG’s IaaS Solutions 

The IT infrastructure of an enterprise is like its backbone. Therefore, any disruption or degradation in this area can severely impact enterprise end goals and “bottom line”. In order to unlock the full potential of their enterprise IT infrastructure, businesses prefer IaaS solutions that are reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-efficient.

ATSG’s IaaS solutions offer just that, and a lot more. ATSG’s offerings come with an expert team that evaluates, designs, and executes a seamless implementation or upgrade of your legacy digital infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability.

In the following points, we discuss why investing in ATSG’s digital infrastructure solutions would definitely be worth it, for businesses in general and large enterprises in particular.

  • ATSG’s Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) service allows businesses to effectively manage their IT assets, without the hassle of day-to-day operational management. This service offers 24/7/365 support, dedicated platform instances, and global delivery. ATSG leverages advanced technologies and automation tools to improve the overall quality of service while reducing IT expenditures at the same time. Key features include monitoring and management of networks, systems, and applications.
  • ATSG’s Managed Network Services (MNS) provide network performance management and operational support, with valuable analytics and insights. Recognized in 2022 as a Leader in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed Network Services, ATSG’s approach focuses on delivering optimal client experiences and comprehensive service availability. Key features include an understanding of the business context, and the option for a fully managed (as-a-service) or co-managed
  • ATSG’s Hybrid Cloud and Transformation Services provide clients with a single trusted partner for their multi-Cloud operations management and other requirements. ATSG’s innovative, Cloud-agnostic approach ensures that you’re getting the most out of your investments. From improved security and risk management to managed Cloud services and everything in between, ATSG has you fully covered.
  • The Design & Implementation Services offered by ATSG give a comprehensive IT solution for enterprises’ digital transformation ATSG offers secure infrastructure design, increased resilience, scalability, security, and a broad range of IT technology solutions. In addition, ATSG’s certified technology experts help clients with complex engineering requirements to optimize their current and future IT strategies.


Popular Use Cases for IaaS Solutions

IaaS solutions can cover enterprise needs related to data, IT, and networking. A few of the most popular IaaS use cases are mentioned below.

  1. IaaS solutions provide a convenient method for file storage and data backup. By consolidating Disaster Recovery (DR) systems, it becomes easier to ensure the security and recoverability of business data.
  2. IaaS solutions are perfect for complex development projects, as they can easily be scaled up or down.
  3. They are also suitable for complex website hosting needs.
  4. IaaS solutions can seamlessly detect, store, and analyze big data.
  5. With IaaS, resources can be provisioned on-demand, freeing up IT staff to work on other important tasks and projects.



Reliable market analysis reveals that the recent boom in the Cloud sector has also led to a massive expansion of the IaaS marketplace. More and more enterprises are opting for IaaS solutions, as they allow businesses to outsource complex physical systems and infrastructure, without the need for substantial investments.

From the above discussion, it is very clear that IaaS solutions offer a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s for data storage, networking, or Disaster Recovery (DR), IaaS solutions are providing enterprises with the tools they desire to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Invest in the future of your business with ATSG today!

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