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AI’s Role in Endpoint Security and Your Company Culture

Your company’s security is vital for protecting clients and preserving your data. IT security is made up of different systems put in place to keep your company secure. These systems include intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), security information and event management (SIEM), data loss prevention (DLP), and log management. Additionally, there are systems in place for firewall monitoring and firewall log analyzers.

Data collection and analysis are critical functions for endpoint security, but many businesses can become overwhelmed with the volume of data collected. Security professionals may not have the resources or the time to sort through data collected from all systems without the assistance of Artificial Intelligent technology. Artificial Intelligence technology can help companies increase their endpoint security while also optimizing their company cultures. AI is the future of cybersecurity, and your business needs to learn about how to use it effectively to strengthen your endpoint security.

AI Technology, Data Collection, and Analysis

The use of artificial intelligence can streamline your data collection and analysis process, which enhances your company’s security. It can be incredibly challenging for security professionals to sort through all the collected data to prevent security breaches. AI technology collects and sorts large quantities of data to enhance your company’s ability to quickly assess and manage vulnerabilities and optimize endpoint security.

AI technology can also use its machine learning abilities to assess the behavior, location, and time of a device login to keep endpoints secure. Its data collection and analysis tools can detect strange behavior so that your organization can avoid cyber attacks. Senior Solutions Architect at ATSG Parvinder Randev observed that Microsoft’s AI solution uses data collection and analysis tools to offer robust protection:

“Microsoft’s AI solution deeply integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint uses behavioral censors, security analytics, and threat intelligence to provide security services to provide next-generation protection, detection and response, investigation, and remediation.”

Optimizing Endpoint Security and Your IT Team

Microsoft AI, and other AI solutions, provide organizations with protection from malware attacks. AI’s machine learning technology identifies and stops malware attacks by learning algorithms to detect harmful files.

AI technology also optimizes security by consolidating endpoint security systems. Organizations often have multiple endpoint security solutions that can conflict with one another.

Microsoft offers a powerful AI security solution through Azure. ATSG’s strategic assistance and optimization insights to help you get the most of Microsoft Azure, and ATSG solutions can help you expand your company while remaining secure.

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