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5 Practical Uses for AI in Your Organization’s Contact Center

The use of artificial intelligence has greatly increased in recent years. What used to be viewed as a distant technological development, is now widely available across numerous industries.

According to a Grand View Research study conducted in 2021, the global intelligence chatbot market will be worth $2.485 billion by 2028.

AI technology offers invaluable benefits that can help contact centers assist more customers while also increasing the quality of work produced by contact center representatives. As an owner or manager of a contact center, you must understand the many benefits AI technology has to offer so that you can decide if it’s right for your business.

1. Automate Tasks

Artificial intelligence can greatly enhance the productivity of your contact center through task automation. When you use AI technology to automate routine tasks, you give your customer service representatives more time to handle complex inquiries. Before AI technology, contact center representatives had to handle several routine tasks on top of assisting the needs of their customers.

Additionally, AI task automation can improve the experiences of your customers. For example, AI can automate voice biometrics, which they can use to identify customers and validate their accounts. When a customer can quickly confirm their identity, they can speak with an AI chatbot or with a human representative faster, increasing their overall experience with your contact center.

2. Analyze Data

Data analysis often poses a challenge for contact centers. Large data projects can be incredibly daunting and time-consuming for your staff. Fortunately, your contact center can use AI technology to run custom algorithms that organize and simplify your customer data. Your contact center can discover helpful insights into its customer base and see how to improve its overall operations without having to dedicate numerous hours of your employees’ time.

Again, with AI technology, you free up your contact center representatives so that they can focus on helping customers solve complex problems. ATSG’s VP of Enterprise Engineering Services, Tony Marino, observed that improved data collection from AI technology can help your contact center representatives improve their ability to assist clients:

“[AI] systems are capable of knowing who the customer is already, why they’re calling, what they’ve called about in the past and make assumptions as to how to interact or get support with on the current call. A lot of this service is just using the inherent data that’s already been gathered about that customer, right? So, [it’s] not necessarily predicting but using the data that you already have to learn why the customer typically calls and try and get ahead of that.”

3. Use Chatbots to Address Customer Needs

Although chatbots cannot solve all your customer’s inquiries, AI technology can address common and straightforward problems so that you can assist clients faster without overloading your contact center representatives. There’s no reason why your talented contact center staff should waste their time solving simple problems that a chatbot could easily handle. Improve your customer’s overall experience and free up your employees so that they can focus their attention on serving customers with complex problems.

4. Improve Customer Routing

With AI technology, you can enhance your contact center’s ability to route callers to the representative that can assist them. Many problems can be solved through a chatbot, but your customers may have remaining issues that are more complex. Fortunately, AI technology improves routing and can also collect data that will expedite the process of solving your customers’ more complex problems.

Solution Architect at ATSG, Carlos Lopez, noted that AI technology can assist contact center representatives through data collection and improved routing:

“[AI technology can help the agents on a real-time basis … [and can] gather information from the customer … so that we can solve issues proactively.”

5. Enhance Your Security

AI technology can increase your contact center’s cybersecurity. Advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible for AI to use machine learning, which means that programs can automatically shift when receiving new data rather than needing to be programmed. With AI learning from new data, cybersecurity systems can provide better security protection while also performing human-like tasks.

AI can increase your contact center’s cybersecurity by:

  • Evading human errors that can leave you exposed
  • Automating security measures through analyzing network traffic patterns
  • Add a layer of security by requiring biometric verification
  • Automatically detect system vulnerabilities and potential threats

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