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Virtualization is becoming a critical feature of the modern workplace with the growing demand for remote and hybrid workflows that enhance productivity.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is software that creates a virtual compute system, known as virtual machines, which allows organizations to run multiple computers, operating systems, and applications on one physical server, turning it into multiple virtual servers. With virtualization, there is a more efficient use of the physical hardware, providing a greater return on the organization’s investment.

The Benefits of Virtualizing

  • Increased Flexibility: Organizations of all sizes can benefit from virtualization because of its inherent flexibility. With Virtual Machines, users can utilize different operating systems while still working together on the same virtualized architecture. The virtual tech stack optimizes user workflows regardless of their hardware.
  • Enhances Productivity: Virtualization cuts down on the need for tech deployment and
    continuous management. Rather than spend a great deal of time installing and
    maintaining hardware, your IT team can deploy virtual machines quickly and move on to
    other strategic business initiatives.
  • Cost-Effective: Using virtualization, a single physical server can host many virtual machines that can run different operating systems and applications simultaneously. This cost-effective approach allows your organization to spend less on physical costs while being more productive. With less to monitor and maintain, virtualizing your organization’s infrastructure will also save money on labor and regular server maintenance.
  • Reduction in Security Costs: Virtualization improves security by making it more accurate, easier to manage, and less expensive to deploy than traditional physical security.

Incorporating Citrix Into Your Workflow

If your organization is looking for a virtualization solution, consider using Citrix. Citrix offers cloud-based workspaces and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. With Citrix virtualization options, you’ll be able to scale your business while optimizing productivity and security.

Solution Architect at ATSG, Rob Campbell, observed that Citrix workspaces offer flexibility and security to businesses regardless of their size:

“Citrix has a complete virtualization software stack around remote workers. They have secured pretty much everything, and they have wrapped that up in a cloud-based portal workspace. We work with companies that have anywhere from 20 users up to 10,000 users, and the different things that you can plug into the Citrix software stack make it unbelievably helpful to any organization that wants to secure their workspace.”

Citrix virtualization solutions provide companies with highly scalable and secure cloud-based solutions that can enhance your business’s workflow.

Relative to cloud-based technologies, virtualization is not new to the IT stack, but with its proven cost savings, scalability, and efficiencies it continues to be an important component of many IT strategies. Furthermore, the importance of virtualization has been accelerated as companies continue their IT modernization journey in efforts to support hybrid and remote work operations.

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