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ATSG – Your Certified Cisco XDR Partner

XDR stands for Extended Detection and Response, a capability that is becoming critical for the modern, technology powered enterprise. Today’s enterprise is supporting diverse work models, ranging from fully remote, to hybrid, and fully in-office employees.

This poses a serious challenge for IT, Cybersecurity and SecOps professionals, as the threat vectors rapidly shift with each work model. Present day cyber threats are also becoming more complex and stealthier, posing both operational and reputational challenges to enterprises.

This is where the role of Extended Detection and Response (XDR) really comes in. Leading XDR solutions seamlessly integrate with the existing cybersecurity stack of your enterprise, resulting in rich telemetry sources and contextual insights on existing and most importantly, emerging cyber threats.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Use Cases

The following use cases and deployment scenarios will shed light on the true capabilities of a top notch Cisco certified XDR provider, like ATSG.

How Business Impact Monitoring Helps IT Ops Teams

Unified Integration

The XDR solution by ATSG offers seamless integration across various Cisco and third-party security tools, for a broad based telemetry data on cybersecurity.


Noise Reduction

Our XDR solution is capable of prioritizing cyber threats, in accordance with the risk they pose to the infrastructure, with main focus on critical threats.

Cisco XDR Partner

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Correlating Threat Data

ATSG’s XDR solution is seamlessly integrated with your existing cybersecurity tools, giving it the capability to correlate threat data for timely detection.

Enhanced Security Visibility

Using the network as a sensor to understand communication from a security perspective, our XDR solution delivers un-matched visibility.

Phishing Attack Mitigation

By leveraging telemetry data from multiple sources, phishing attempts can be detected proactively. This data also helps understand a bad actor’s strategy.

Infrastructure & User Segmentation

The XDR solution by ATSG offers enriched visibility for better policy formulation, enforcement, monitoring and segmentation.

The Benefits of ATSG’s Cisco XDR

By choosing ATSG for Cisco XDR, your enterprise gets industry leading Consultation, Implementation, Training, Integration and Management capabilities under “one roof”. How convenient is that!

Here are some additional benefits of ATSG’s XDR solution:-

  • ATSG is a Certified Cisco XDR partner.
  • Seamless integration with Cisco and 3rd party security tools.
  • Multi-dimensional telemetry data on cyber threats.
  • Gain access to contextual insights for correlational analysis.
  • Prioritize cyber threats on the basis of actionable data.

Why Choose ATSG for Your XDR Needs?

As a leading global provider of Managed IT Services and Intelligent Technology Solutions, ATSG is a Certified Cisco XDR Partner, positioning us uniquely across the XDR solutions market.

ATSG also has a sizable in-house team of highly experienced and Cisco certified professionals, for un-rivaled peace of mind and smooth integration.

A Glimpse of ATSG’s XDR Solution


Consulting Services

With our in-house Cisco certified professionals and consultants, gain valuable insights on your existing and future cybersecurity needs.


Implementation Services

Once we have mapped your infrastructure and potential threat sources, our experts will start implementing Cisco XDR across the enterprise.


Employee Training

To extract the maximum value from your XDR implementation, ATSG’s certified professionals will deliver extensive trainings for maximum efficacy.


Seamless Integration

ATSG’s certified Cisco professionals will then seamlessly integrate the XDR solution with any existing Cisco, or 3rd party security tools.


Fully Managed XDR

Let ATSG’s experts manage the XDR solution for your enterprise, so you can focus on business development and growth, while we take care of cybersecurity.

Get On-Board XDR with ATSG!

With ATSG as your Cisco XDR’s implementation, integration and management partner, you’re not just getting a service provider, but a strategic partner.

At ATSG, our goal is to ensure that you fully understand, and are capable of leveraging the Cisco XDR platform to full advantage.

With ATSG’s expertise, and Cisco XDR by your side, you’re not just investing in a platform; you’re investing in a future where your business is secure, efficient, compliant, and ahead of potential cyber threats.

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