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State & Local Government

In government verticals, it is mandatory for IT organizations to do more with less.

Industry Challenges

State and local governments and government agencies face taxpayer mandates to improve IT efficiencies, operate transparently, and decrease total costs. By nature, their IT organizations are strapped for resources and must be creative in how they budget, staff, and plan to meet their constituent’s requirements.

Giving more in less for government verticals with best support services
IT Intelligent help improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency for daily operations

ATSG Solutions

While IT demands continue to soar and technology budgets continue to shrink, ATSG’s government services team understands this paradox. They bring experience in delivering services that provide 24x7xAlways availability of:

  • Municipal services supporting police, fire, and transportation departments
  • Public works, parks and rec, housing, and emergency services
  • Constituent communications, database and storage applications
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools tailored to diverse team requirements
  • Trustworthy service delivery that meets legally binding requirements

Success Story

ATSG’s state and local government team has the certifications and onsite experience necessary to deliver IT as a service across field offices and regions to support local administrators and authorities.

Tech, IT, Cloud services for state and local government to maintain security
IT as a service for state and local governments for best administration capacity

Government Outcomes:

  • Benefits of digital transformation at your pace
  • Protection of your existing IT investment in infrastructure, networks, and desktops
  • Evolve and stay ahead of the technology curve