Wireless LANs have gone from specialty, niche applications in warehouses and hospitals to being the de facto client-side connection across nearly all device types today. We have both deep and broad expertise in mission-critical wireless applications for clients in healthcare, retail, distribution, transportation, hospitality and real estate. We can provide solutions for indoor venues and outdoor spaces, and specialize in wireless mesh and point-to-point applications.

Voice/Video over WLAN

WiFi networks were originally designed to support low-bandwidth communications and single-purpose mobile devices, but have evolved to support robust voice and video communications across a myriad of devices. Networks must be carefully and redundantly designed for the added complexity that accompanies real time voice and video traffic. ATSG maintains extensive knowledge in Voice over WLAN deployments, successfully installing many environments to support Cisco, Ascom, Vocera and SpectraLink handsets in addition to multimedia tablets for mobile video conferencing.

Enterprise Visibility Solutions

Enterprise Visibility Solutions are a unified platform that provides insight into the control and management of mobile devices, assets, physical inventory, people and workflows across numerous industries. ATSG solutions leverage standard Wi-Fi networks and RFID systems to present a single unified wireless architecture for visibility through real-time location services (RTLS). The ATSG RFID practice is dedicated to understanding your business first, then translating your requirements into a technical solution, ensuring a “right-sized” answer to your business challenges.

Wireless Mesh Networking

The need for high-speed connectivity does not end inside your four walls, and 4G cellular service might not always be adequate. Outdoor WiFi networks are much faster to deploy, far cheaper and much more robust than carriers’ 4G offerings.