Cellular/Public Safety (DAS)

Today’s world relies on cell phones, iPhones, and Androids to stay connected.High throughput, “always on” access to key business applications and services is expected both inside and outside of buildings. First Responders require robust communications to keep the public safe during emergencies. We can deliver any mix of wireless services in your venue: from creative funding models, to design and construction management, carrier coordination and commissioning, to ongoing monitoring and support.

ATSG’s Universal Wireless Network solutions deliver any mix of wireless services over a single, broadband infrastructure within a specific area, single building, or multi-building campus. Often called an in-building distributed antennas system or DAS, this environment supports rebroadcasting signals from wireless cellular telephone service and paging providers, public safety agency emergency transmissions. ATSG leverages its wireless networking expertise to ensure the successful deployment of approved DAS solutions. We understand the pressure points and design criteria associated with these solutions and strive to obtain service provider input and acceptance from the earliest stages of engagement with a client and throughout the solution definition, design and deployment.