Mobile Solutions

Whether we’re talking about WiFi, Cellular or Public Safety, one thing is clear: the world is wireless, from carpeted enterprise, healthcare and retail to government and real estate. You’re not connected to your customers, constituents, patrons and partners unless you have a wireless connection everywhere, all the time.

Mobile networks require careful planning, engineering, and support. Considerations must be made for the expected traffic patterns and levels of performance, security and quality of service. The environment must provide guaranteed levels of reliability and fault-tolerance, and support sufficient levels of security to prevent intrusions and detect attacks.

The need for integrated mobility solutions drives business communications innovation. Gone are the days when unique, specialized systems and applications were deployed to meet the needs of a small subset of end-users, or larger single-function systems were deployed across a campus or enterprise, lacking any real integration for efficient interaction. The complexity of today’s mobile infrastructures and devices demand an environment designed by skilled professionals that see the whole landscape.

Because we understand the drivers in the mobile solutions world and due to our attention to detail and advanced wireless skill set, we twice received Cisco’s highest honor – Mobility Partner of the Year – besting 20,000 other partners in the United States and Canada.

Axispoint Technology Solutions Group’s (ATSG) Mobility Design Consulting team has developed mature methodologies for design, implementation and support that exceed the requirements of the customer. This includes wireless voice communications, location and asset tracking, in-building cellular telephone service rebroadcasting and public safety solutions. The ATSG Mobile Business Solutions Team possesses the rare ability to combine business-savvy technology vision and implementation experience. Our senior mobility consultants come from national and global manufacturers and integrators, many of whom were involved in the earliest days of Wi-Fi and helped lead its maturation. Our capabilities range from endpoints to infrastructure to custom applications, and as a result, we are regularly sought out by leading manufacturers to participate in advanced technology pilot programs that allow us to continually offer innovative solutions to our clients.