State & Local Government

At the state and local government levels, agencies and public educational institutions alike are constantly facing mandates to improve IT efficiencies, offer greater efficacy, operate transparently and decrease the total costs associated with doing so. Additionally, these ‘SLED’ markets can be strapped for resources and must be creative in how they budget, staff and plan for their requirements. With digital disruption pervasive in industries across the board, how these agencies and institutions can address digital technologies and the effect they have on their organization is top of mind.

As IT demands continue to soar and technology budgets continue to shrink, government and academia is challenged to not fall behind all of the digital change. They must continue to evolve and provide digital platforms that solve their constituents and students requirements. To do this, they require a partner they can trust. ATSG has the answer through solutions that are tailored to your SLED specific needs. ATSG enables organizations to focus on their processes, implement a secure environment and deliver solutions that address the diverse requirements that they are facing. Let ATSG enable you to realize the benefits of digital transformation and address your soaring IT requirements.