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Working from Any Device, Any Connection, Anywhere

Citrix Makes Location, Device, and Connection Irrelevant So Users Can Focus on Maximum Productivity

Today your users can wake up anywhere in the world and start their workdays with a few clicks. They’re working from home, coffee shops, vacation destinations, and just about anyplace imaginable.

This work from anywhere model is the new normal in business and relies on secure remote-access technology. Traditional options, like a VPN, can’t reliably handle the massive data load required for today’s communication. Plus, a VPN isn’t secure or scalable enough to support a growing company.

A new solution has emerged to keep companies working productively. Here’s how Citrix – when properly paired with managed services – can enable your entire enterprise to stay at maximum uptime regardless of your users’ locations, devices, and connections.

Is Your Company Facing Challenges Like These?

The modern work environment brings a wide variety of challenges for companies big and small. Users may have hundreds of different devices and access points. They hit tech-related roadblocks at all hours of the day and night, hoping for immediate assistance and issue resolution.

Do you recognize any of your organization’s challenges on the list below? These issues are common in companies that are struggling to make their existing system fit a workforce that’s increasingly remote and tech-dependent.

  • Difficulty delivering a consistent, high-quality user experience
  • Repeated tech-related interruptions in productivity
  • A multitude of different devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones
  • Constantly changing user locations with related accessibility issues
  • Security standards and gaps
  • A high degree of complexity for the average user
  • Organizational growth, creating issues with scalability and resources

These challenges are nearly universal, yet difficult to solve with a traditional IT infrastructure. This is why so many companies are seeking a new solution that delivers a higher-quality experience that never depends on owning specific devices or keeping people within the confines of a certain building.

Could Citrix Be the Right Remote Work Solution?

Citrix offers a way to address the issues above with a secure, controlled, scalable, and efficient solution that also delivers a positive user experience. Users need no specific training because the experience is intuitive and the entire process can be easily managed by your in-house staff and/or managed services provider.

Citrix benefits include:

  • Securely-designed cloud-based architecture
  • One-point self-service remote access for users
  • Communication consistency
  • Easy sharing and collaboration within groups
  • High-definition audio and video quality
  • Simple management with total transparency

For users, Citrix makes it easy to just sign on and start working. A cloud-based portal brings all of the organization’s technologies together for a multifactor single sign-on. This means a user signs in once and accesses all SaaS applications, secure files, and cloud-based sharing options.

For your tech support staff, Citrix provides a clear window into user access and behavior. Providing user support is easy and any issues that arise can be handled smoothly with minimal interruption.

As you can see, Citrix is a giant leap ahead of legacy systems that cost your company efficiency and productivity. It provides a secure path to greater business continuity for your entire organization.

To learn more about setting up a secure remote work environment with Citrix, connect with ATSG. We’re taking some of the world’s most successful companies into the new frontier of location-free remote work.

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