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Virtualization, DaaS, and a New Era of Working from Anywhere

With more and more companies switching to hybrid and remote work, it’s becoming increasingly evident that working virtually is here to stay. Although there was already a trend towards working from home, the pandemic quickened the transition. The pandemic also revealed to organizations that they need remote work protocols in place to preserve productivity while

Believe It or Not, the Cloud Is More Secure Than Your Building

Businesses have been switching to cloud-based solutions for decades, but numerous industries have seen a dramatic increase in businesses converting to the cloud since the pandemic shutdown of 2020. The sudden and rapid switch to the cloud has raised several concerns relating to cybersecurity. Different federal agencies, including the FBI, have tracked the rise in

The Cost Savings of Moving a Contact Center to the Cloud

As new advancements in technology enable businesses to move to the cloud, contact centers should consider the benefits of adopting cloud contact center solutions. There are many different benefits to moving to the cloud, including convenience, employee satisfaction, and flexibility, but one of the most notable benefits of operating your contact center through the cloud

Why Are Some Companies So Resistant to Remote Work?

Remote work has become the new normal across many different industries, but numerous businesses are still hesitant to embrace remote work. Many businesses now working remotely are planning their employees’ upcoming return to physical office spaces.

Does an Influx of Calls Overwhelm Your Call Center? Here’s Why.

If your call center experiences a large influx of calls during a small window of time, your customer support representatives may become overwhelmed. Different contributing factors can lead to overworked phone representatives. Fortunately, this common problem has a workable solution that can get your call center back on track.

Hybrid Work is Here. Are You Ready?

Hybrid work is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern work environment. Moving forward, the hybrid workflow will more than likely become a critical part of your organization.