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What Are the Most Inspiring Attributes of the ATSG-Microsoft Strategic Alliance?

ATSG is a proven leader in providing our clients with innovative Technology Solutions as a Service offerings, which we thoughtfully customize while maintaining our best practices and proven industry standards. To ensure our clients always have access to the latest, pervasive technologies that enable digital transformation, ATSG partners strategically with other industry leaders. This collaborative

Is a Digital Workplace as a Service Subscription Cloud Ready?

In a word, yes. With ATSG’s innovative all-inclusive subscription-based solution that serves the needs of a modern digital workplace, flexibility is paramount. So, the choice is yours. The benefits of most subscription-based managed services offerings are applied to just one service, such as infrastructure, desktop or software. With a Digital Workplace as a Service subscription,

Is Your Company Owning the Modern Digital Workplace at the Board Level?

Board rooms today have a lot to think about. They’re likely hearing all the overall business benefits of a modern digital workplace from their CEO’s, CIO’s, even their employees. The idea intrigues them – after all, they are device users themselves – yet they’re still concerned about the economics of a digital transformation. They are

How Will Your IT Department Lead Digital Transformation?

Trend Flash – When it comes to re-imagining better ways to run a business, CIO’s and IT departments are fast becoming “digital enablers” – focusing time and brain power on areas of the business in need of a digital transition that changes the culture of an enterprise to embrace the modern digital workplace. The IT

What Would It Take to Greenlight Digital Workplace as a Service?

Digital Workplace as a Service, the all-inclusive subscription-based endpoint technology solution fully managed by ATSG, gives you and your employees what you want in a modern digital workplace. You get predictable performance, security, service levels and costs for your choice of mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet devices, thick physical or thin virtual configurations plus software

Why companies of all size need a Tech-Enabled Managed Services Partner at the heart of their Digital Transformation Strategy

One of the proven paradigm shifts we are facing today is that the general use of Cloud Computing is undoubtedly becoming mainstream; permeating mission critical implementations and future initiatives alike, evolving from the early days of rudimentary Software & Infrastructure as a Service, to today’s more sophisticated, intelligent multicloud offerings that can dynamically optimize workload

Securing the Landscape through Managed Endpoint Security Solutions

To address the evolving security requirements of the market, consumers need a holistic solution that proactively identifies threats before they occur. ATSG Managed Security Services for Endpoints, leverages our state-of-the-art cloud-based managed security solution, incorporating Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints, to provide greater visibility and control at the edge to address potential malware,

Redefining the Managed Services Landscape through Technology Solutions as a Service

Managed services, and the role, scope and relationship of the service provider, continue to evolve with the pressure to do more with less increasing exponentially, combined with the plethora of choices in today’s marketplace. This paradigm is driving a fundamental shift in IT; offering opportunities for modern organizations to digitally transform their environments like never