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Does Your Enterprise Follow These BYOD Management Best Practices?

It’s not a surprise if your enterprise follows a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in today’s digital work environment. The many advantages of employees using personal devices for work include contributing to employee satisfaction, improving productivity, and enabling remote work while saving you money.

Does Your Company Face A Myriad of Cybersecurity Obstacles?

News reports today are full of stories about cyberattacks, data breaches and internet scams that affect businesses and their customers across all industries. As soon as a new defense is in place, hackers find new way to break through it. Threats will not be slowing down anytime soon. It’s no wonder cybersecurity measures are constantly

How Do You Prevent Medical Data Breaches With Managed Security Services?

This is likely not news to you – healthcare providers handle a lot of sensitive and confidential information concerning patients’ health and finances that are tremendously valuable to hackers. In a digital workplace rife with hackers and data breaches, many industries are struggling to keep their cybersecurity up to date, including the healthcare industry. When patients

How Can Business Priorities Help Manage Cyber Risk?

Today’s hyper-fast digital workplace, and the ever-growing technological advances available, have opened markets and opportunities for businesses all over the world. But, this growth also brings the exposure to cyber threats and risks. Every enterprise has their own understanding and perspective about business priorities and risks they are willing to accept. For example, a preference

How is the Modern Digital Workplace Transforming the Retail Industry?

The retail industry is challenged by a new digitally informed consumer, who has the resources and information readily available to make purchasing decisions at their fingertips regularly. Consumer choice combined with growing expectations and purchasing power in the marketplace are influencing the future direction of the business. Retailers must now consider: Innovating ways to reach

How Are Healthcare Enterprises Embracing the Modern Digital Workplace?

Healthcare is an industry that is embracing the modern digital workplace, in response to a dynamic economic environment, where the standard of doing business is digital transformation and automation. Healthcare enterprises require a reliable, secure technology infrastructure to keep pace with the demands of medicine, patient experience and compliance. For healthcare providers and organizations, the

How Do You Define Security in the Age of BYOD?

Today, many enterprises are enthusiastically embracing a mobile workplace environment. They also realize the challenges they overcame using desktops are the same ones they face with mobile devices like laptops, tablets and phones. The most immediate of these challenges is securing corporate information in a bring-your-own-device world. Do you know your mobile phone has more