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Hybrid Work is Here. Are You Ready

Hybrid work is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern work environment. Moving forward, the hybrid workflow will more than likely become a critical part of your organization.

In addition to employees working remotely, the conventional 9-to-5 workday is becoming a legacy for countless organizations. The last year expedited the transition from working exclusively in a traditional office environment to working remotely, and numerous employees now expect their workplace to offer at-home and in-office work options and more flexible hours.

Organizations are looking for the best tools to enable their employees to work from anywhere and anytime. They’re looking for business solutions that offer both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration across every department. You need to have the right tools to enable your remote and non-remote employees to work effectively, and that’s why your organization needs IT business solutions that will help you create an effective hybrid workplace.

Shifting Your Work Policies to Create a Hybrid Work Environment

The way you transition your company into a hybrid work environment will greatly affect your organization in the long run, so you need to integrate an effective transition plan and policies to get the most out of your hybrid workflow.

Organizations are transitioning into a hybrid work environment by offering flexible policies to their employees. When determining how your organization will transition, you need to contemplate various factors. Your organization needs to decide the percentage of employees that can work remotely or if only certain departments will work from home. You also need to determine the frequency in which remote employees will work in the office. Additionally, your organization needs to have a contingency plan in case of future workplace disruptions. Perhaps, the most important factor you need to consider is how you’ll empower remote employees to collaborate with one another and with in-office employees.

Upgrading Your Workplace for the Future

In addition to updating your work policies to enable flexible, remote work, you also need to upgrade your technology. Microsoft Teams enables organizations to have a flexible work environment while also offering essential tools for collaborating and creating a positive work culture.

Microsoft Team rooms feature high-quality audio and video conferencing tools so that your employees can work and collaborate seamlessly. Additional features include live captions, raise a hand, reactions, chat, and live transcription d with speaker identification. Your team can communicate with one another without interrupting whoever is speaking during a video conference. This is critical for your workflow and team meetings.

In addition to powerful conferencing tools, Microsoft Teams also offers digital whiteboards, where in-office and at-home team members can work together on shared digital canvases to collaborate easily. With Microsoft Team’s Intelligent Capture Camera, your team can work together in real-time. The cameras can capture, focus, enhance, and resize images and text from the digital whiteboard, enabling remote employees to view the whiteboard and collaborate with ease.

Invest in Hybrid Business Solutions

Video conferencing will play an integral role in the future of business as more companies adapt to flexible work options. Video conferencing bridges the gap between remote and in-office employees, and you need the best video conferencing services to get the most out of your hybrid work environment. Microsoft Teams is constantly releasing new features and improving its exceptional workflow options to empower your remote and in-office team.

ATSG’s solutions offer Microsoft Teams along with other powerful applications that will maximize your team’s productivity. In addition to Microsoft Teams, ATSG business solutions include Webex Calling, Webex Contact Center, Office 365, and Webex Teams. When you adjoin Microsoft Teams with the other applications included in our business solutions, you’ll scale up your hybrid workplace and improve your team’s ability to collaborate both remotely and within the office.

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